DeSantis Delivers Perfect Response To Democrats’ ‘COVID Passports’

The state of New York is already actively implementing a COVID passport system while Biden is working alongside the private sector to develop one. Stalwart patriot Ron DeSantis, the GOP governor of Florida, on the other hand, has elected a different approach. 

In contrast to New York and the Biden administration, DeSantis instead promised to undertake executive action that would prohibit the vaccine passport in the state of Florida. DeSantis also requested that the GOP state legislature begin drafting legislation that would expressly forbid these passports.

At a press conference, DeSantis reminded journalists that he always intended to provide COVID vaccines for all, yet mandate them for none, adding that the vaccine “was advised to to take particularly if you’re vulnerable,” but that the state would not “force” residents to do so.

DeSantis also remarked that it is “completely unacceptable” for either the private sector or the government to impose such restrictions upon citizens, namely that someone must “show proof of vaccine to just simply participate in normal society.” This participation entails virtually all potential activities, from going to a movie theater to engaging in any other activity in which other people are present.

In addition, DeSantis also stressed the importance of Americans being able to make their own decisions regarding their health, and he also indicated various privacy concerns associated with COVID vaccine passports.

“You want the fox to guard the hen house?” DeSantis questioned incredulously, remarking that a COVID passport “has huge privacy implications,” particularly since such a passport is not necessary in the first place.

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