DeSantis Fires Back At Mask Police

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, defended himself against critics when he was seen at the Super Bowl without wearing a face mask.

DeSantis recalls how someone informed him that he was at the Super Bowl without wearing a mask, to which he responded, “how the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on?”

DeSantis also added, “Come on. I had to watch the Bucs win.”

Democrats have long criticizes DeSantis’s response to the COVID pandemic, given his opposition to draconian lockdown measures and other restrictions. DeSantis has countered Democrat criticism by noting that certain levels of restrictions are unnecessary, ultimately harming the economy.

Prior to the Super Bowl, the Democrat Mayor of Tampa, Jane Castor, declared that she would require masks for individuals who are gathered indoors and unable to socially distance.

“This is an emergency now,” Castor proclaimed, before continuing onwards to justify her mask ordinance for Tampa during Super Bowl Weekend “to protect citizens.”

Various health officials, news networks, and social media users demonstrated strong frustration with various videos from the Super Bowl, some of which feature sports fans wearing no masks in large groups.

Tom Brady, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, who triumphed in a 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, also faced heavy social media criticism for entering the stadium sans a mask prior to the big game.

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