DeSantis Proposes Brilliant Alternative To CRT

At last, a sane solution for public schools.

While much of the left has fixated far more on giving teachers permanent at-home vacations, while also demanding that students wear masks at all times while they themselves oftentimes fail to do so, the real patriots, also known as Republicans, are moving towards a more favorable future for education, and, by default, the nation.

That’s right: While Democrats are fixated on the short-term hatred that has come to define their party, Republicans are looking towards a productive future, notably with HB 1115.

What exactly is involved in HB 1115?

Well, in sharp contrast to Governor Kate Brown of Oregon, who quietly signed legislation that permits students to graduate high school without being able to do basic addition and subtraction, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is angling towards legislation that blocks students from graduating unless they complete a basic financial literacy course.

In other words, Democrat states permit “equitable” (i.e., “social justice”) math that students can’t pass anyway, whereas Republican states actually prepare students for the future, especially in matters of debt and money management.

Admittedly, these matters would not be of interest to leftists intent on living off the government forever, while simultaneously declaring they are victims all day long on their $1,000+ phones.

Nonetheless, it is wonderful to see such a brilliant alternative to CRT proposed, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

“The Florida House is ready to consider a bill (HB 1115) that would require high school students to take a course in financial literacy as a condition for graduation,” the Tampa Bay Times writes, “the House Education & Employment Committee unanimously approved the bill Wednesday. Under the bill, students who enter high school starting in the 2022-23 academic year would be required to earn 7½ credits in elective courses, a decrease from the currently required eight elective credits. A half-credit course in financial literacy and money management would be added as a requirement for graduation.”

According to Jimmy Patronis, who serves as the chief financial officer of Florida, “it is critical we set Florida students up for financial success and this legislation will ensure vital financial literacy resources are available to students before graduation. Financial literacy is an important key to a strong financial future and learning the basics of credit, budgeting, savings, and investing, can further prepare students for a successful future.”

Exactly. As well as a future that isn’t dependent on endless government handouts (key emphasis on “endless”).

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Demi Busatta Cabrera of Coral Gables, also underscored how financial literacy will serve the needs of the nation effectively.

“A financial literacy curriculum helps our kids in the long run,” Cabrera declared, “it promotes our nation’s love of capitalism and entrepreneurship. That’s important for the health and well-being of our country.”

Yes, it is. In fact, it is so important that Democrats voted completely in favor of the bill as well, with relatively few qualms.

Fox News 13 reported that the biggest complaints emerged from Representative Matt Willhite, a Democrat from Wellington, who expressed some reservations.

“I think when we start decreasing our electives and start increasing our directions that we are forcing our kids to go, I don’t know if that’s always the right way.”

While Willhite makes a valid point about electives, the truth is that schools have been doing away with electives for years anyway, to the extent that civics is not even taught in public high schools anymore, for the most part.

Plus, better financial literacy than CRT …

Despite his reservations, Willhite voted in favor of the bill anyway, illustrating the sense that can prevail when bipartisanship is valued, as it is in Florida.

Now if only it could be valued in the swamp …

Author: Ofelia Thornton