DeSantis Rails Against Biden’s Collusion With China

According to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), the United States’ “experiment with China,” namely by permitting China to enter the World Trade Organization (WTO), has proven to be “a big failure.” Moreover, American “elites” are the ones who bear the greatest culpability for the experiment.

Per DeSantis, American elites believed that they might be able to make China more like the United States, thereby losing its “rogue” status. The Florida Governor also noted that pro-China pundits believed that China would begin to “respect human right and maybe become more democratic”

DeSantis, who made his remarks during a State Board of Administration meeting, voted in favor of “[disentangling]” investments that the Chinese Communist Party had made in the sunshine state’s retirement fund.

The governor noted that not only has China remained as authoritarian as ever, but that it has also become “very powerful” ever since being admitted to the WTO.

“And the [elites in the United States] are the No. 1 reason China is as powerful [as it is now] with all that they have done,” DeSantis continued.

Per DeSantis, China has become vastly more emboldened since it has been validated on the world stage without having to answer to widespread human rights abuses, along with other major concerns.

China is “arguably worse than even … 20, 30 years ago,” DeSantis declared, noting that it is the Chinese, rather than the West, that is wielding the most influence “to be more like them.”

“The whole experiment with China has been a big failure for the United States,” DeSantis remarked.

DeSantis called for the entire nation to disentangle itself from China, especially investment, which should “certainly … be disentangling” in reference to his recent decision in Florida.

After his public commentary, DeSantis further detailed his thoughts in a statement, referencing the enormous Chinese influence over several American enterprises.

For instance, several major American companies now “censor what the CCP tells them to censor,” and they also issue “groveling apologies” for any perceived offense against the CCP, as detailed by DeSantis in his statement.

“This experiment has failed and it has endangered our nation’s national and economic security,” DeSantis continued, noting that it was time to bring production and manufacturing back to the nation.

“[Florida] would be a great place to do that,” DeSantis observed.