DeSantis Shreds Media Hypocrisy Over Super Bowl

Ron DeSantis (R), the governor of Florida, had limited patience for the Democrats and media’s complaints regarding the varied parties that occurred across Tampa this past Sunday, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers enjoyed a resounding win during Super Bowl LV.

DeSantis remarked that he observed no concern for COVID whatsoever from the media whenever people gathered for alternative events, including the victory parties that stormed the streets after Biden’s win and the array of ongoing BLM protests and riots.

DeSantis notes that the media  doesn’t care if people are engaging in a “peaceful protest” or a celebration for Biden’s elections. He also informed the media that they could essentially care less about COVID until it pertains to “people [the media] doesn’t like.”

DeSantis also added, I’m damn proud of what they did Sunday nigh.”

Furthermore, DeSantis also illustrated how Florida has maximized its capabilities in terms of vaccinating the highest-risk groups of individuals, which will further reduce all COVID-19 variants from spreading further.

DeSantis’s points are right on target, as the nationwide media generally does not identify events as “super-spreader” events when the gathering is pro-Democrat.

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