DeSantis Takes Massive Bite Out Of Communist Education

Ron DeSantis, the GOP Governor of Florida, has taken a serious bite out of leftist education through recently passing a triad of bills earlier in the week. Per DeSantis, these bills will not only improve students’ civic literacy, but also learn about the true “evils of communism.”

During a news conference at a Fort Myers Middle School, DeSantis proclaimed that it is “crucial” to ensure that all students are taught “how to be responsible citizens.” To be a responsible citizen, it will be critical for the students to have a strong, accurate understanding of not only American government and American history, but also “the principles that underline our Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

These three bills, which are known as Senate Bill 1108, HB 233, and House Bill 5, contain provisions that will ensure the establishment of a Portraits and Patriotism Library. According to DeSantis, this library will help ensure that students learn about the true “patriots” who came to the United States after fleeing from various socialist and communist regimes from all over the world.

For instance, HB 5 has tasked the Florida Department of Education with creating a K-12 civic curriculum. This curriculum must include a strong understanding of the responsibilities and rights that enjoy constitutional protection. Moreover, this curriculum must also include a focus on the dangers of “totalitarian ideologies,” as well as the “evils of communism.”

In addition, HB 233 also prohibits the School Board from preventing faculty, staff, and students from their right to express themselves, or their First Amendment rights. SB 1108 also takes aim at collegiate institutions, namely by requiring for university and college students to take classes in civic literacy, as well as pass a civic literacy assessment in order to graduate from college.

DeSantis observes that a number of people across Florida, particularly in Southern Florida, have escaped from “communist dictatorships” and “totalitarian regimes” in order to come to the United States. Thus, DeSantis asserts that it is important for students to understand why someone would flee across extremely dangerous waters, such as from Cuba to Florida, in order to get to the United States.

In essence, DeSantis continued, “why would people leave these countries and risk their life to be able to come here? It’s important students understand that.”

Many individuals widely perceive DeSantis as one of the biggest forerunner for the 2024 election, especially if he ultimately decides to enter the race. Rumors over DeSantis’s potential presidential run have also reached a fever pitch after the results of a straw poll at a recent conservative news conference, which DeSantis won.

In addition, Trump has also suggested that DeSantis might make an excellent running mate if he ultimately chooses to run for a second term in 2024.