DeSantis Wins Another Round Against Biden

Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent crowds into fits of laughter during a press conference. The crowd began chanting, “let’s go Brandon” during the Republican Governor’s press conference, notably after DeSantis shredded the far left for its brazen pursuit of a “woke agenda,” as well as the aiding and abetting of the “Biden or Brandon administration.”

At the West Palm Beach event, DeSantis told the crowd that they can “look at the things going on,” especially with regards to corporate media and Big Tech.

“They weren’t very happy with Virginia last night,” DeSantis mused.

Over the course of his press conference, DeSantis also provided insight into the different steps that the Florida legislature will be taking in the upcoming session in order to assure the highest levels of election security in the state.

“You look at that you look at what’s going on with some of the big corporations with their woke agenda,” DeSantis continued, “when you look at the Biden or Brandon administration.”

In response, the crowd began chanting, “let’s go, Brandon.”

An amused DeSantis provided the crowd with insight into the history of the now-viral chant, which has become a common phrase of the conservatives’ resistance against Biden’s highly progressive political agenda.

DeSantis recalled how the crowd had been chanting a profane anti-Biden chant at a NASCAR race, and the media had been conducting an interview with one of the drivers. Apparently, the driver’s name was Brandon, and the media tried to explain away the crowd’s explicit anti-Biden chant by claiming the crowd was shouting, “let’s go, Brandon!” instead.

Nonetheless, “[the left has said] way worse about Trump for four years,” DeSantis noted.

“You have a reporter from NBC who knows that’s what they’re saying, and she’s trying to cover for Biden,” DeSantis recalls, “so she says, ‘yeah, they’re chanting ‘let’s go, Brandon.'”

After amusing the crowd with the origins of “let’s go, Brandon,” DeSantis turned his attention back to the historic win in Virginia, which bodes well for the the GOP’s future.

“We’ve now seen after Virginia, people are willing to fight back,” DeSantis declared.

Quoting Winston Churchill, DeSantis also encouraged Americans to continue to “stand up” and “display courage,” as well as not give into the temptation to “back down in the face of all the things … to deal with.”

“We don’t have the time for boneless wonders right now,” DeSantis concluded.