Destroyed Far-Left City Now Pleas For National Guard’s Help

By Hank Berrien November 6th, 2020 | Image Source : Daily Wire

On Wednesday night, after months of violent rioting in the city of Portland, Democratic Oregon Governor Kate Brown finally ordered the National Guard to go to Portland.

Brown had directed the National Guard to be on standby on Monday. The Multnomah County Sheriff announced the move on Twitter and explained the rationale:

Unified Command on National Guard activation: Widespread violence is occurring in Downtown Portland. In the interest of public safety, Governor Kate Brown, under advice of the Unified Command, has activated the use of the Oregon National Guard to assist local law enforcement in responding to any acts of violence, and to maintain public order and ensure community safety. Guard members are trained in crowd control and will be riding with local response teams.

They are dressed in military style garb, which is their uniform. Oregon National Guard members are civilian community members helping to protect us. We don’t take this decision lightly. Under the Governor’s Order, we continue to work together and share our resources and information to address any public safety concerns. Our goal is to keep our community safe. We encourage demonstrators to gather peacefully.

“By 7 p.m. rioters were seen vandalizing buildings, including breaking the windows of a St. Andrea Bassett Church which helps those who are homeless, experiencing poverty, mental health issues and substance abuse. They also broke ATMs. An American flag was also set on fire in the middle of a downtown street,” Fox 12 reported.

Author: Hank Berrien

Source: Daily Wire: Finally, After Election, Oregon Dem Gov Asks For National Guard To Stop Portland Rioters

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