DHS Creates Disturbing New Department

It’s official: When Obama speaks, the White House leaps.

Perhaps the most pompous, wholly unqualified president of all time, whose booming voice belied the rather obvious lack of intelligence when “off script,” Mr. Barack Hussain Obama recently went out on a rampage against so-called “disinformation.”

Otherwise known as truths that implicate him and his heavily compromised Democrat buddies.

And, lo and behold, just like that, the Department of (Supposed) Homeland Security has suddenly assembled a department whose sole purpose is to combat “disinformation.”

Per a report from Politico, the disturbing new department will “coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.”

China would certainly approve of such a department. Considering it already has one of its own.

Predictably, the White House was sure to appoint the virulently anti-First Amendment Nina Jankowicz to steer this particular department.

Even more predictably, Jankowicz has long insisted that the now-authenticated Hunter Biden laptop(s) represent nothing more than Russian “disinformation.”

So, the queen of spreading disinformation, or outright aiding and abetting, transnational criminal activities potentially committed at the highest level of the federal government, is now in charge of a rather dubious department designed to combat “disinformation.”

How typical.

Just wait: Disinformation will be a terrorist offense next, and all conservatives are subsequently sentenced for life if they dare to express their real beliefs.

What’s especially hilarious is that the Department of Disinformation is uniquely focused on the two biggest concerns plaguing Democrats now: Russia and “irregular migration.”

And” “irregular migration” has topped many Democrats’ concerns, as reported by the Hill, especially in the wake of the Biden administration’s decision to drop all COVID restrictions for illegals while fighting to maintain them for Americans.

After all, illegals constitute the Democrats’ base now, so they are clearly looking out for them. In hopefully sufficient enough numbers before the midterm elections.

“The administration’s decision has sparked fierce pushback from Republicans as well as some Democratic senators. But the administration is also facing pressure from a swath of Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates to stick by the decision, arguing that the Trump-era program is inhumane,” the Hill reports.

Ah, yes, so “inhumane” of Trump to restrict illegals from entering over COVID concerns.

Meanwhile, Americans who are fully vaccinated still have to produced a COVID test taken within 24 hours of arriving back to the United States, or they are barred from entering.

But, by all means, please continue to focus on illegals’ “rights” in a nation several of them openly intend to exploit, particularly for criminal purposes.

Which is why the Republicans are fighting like crazy in favor of Title 42.

“A GOP demand for a vote to effectively block the administration from lifting Title 42, which has also gotten snagged by a court fight, has stalemated a deal for $10 billion in coronavirus aid. Republicans view the two issues as related because the administration’s decision to lift Title 42 comes as there is a broader coronavirus public health emergency still in effect,” the Hill continued.


Besides, more than enough illegals have been let in under the bungling Biden administration, as revealed in recent dialogues (truly) elected officials have had with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who never met an (American) border he didn’t hate, as he’s clearly hellbent on destroying them.

“Since the administration took office, you’ve deliberately released, into the United States, 836,000 illegal immigrants who crossed our borders in violation of our laws and sovereignty,” GOP Representative Tom McClintock remarked, “now that is more than the entire population of the state of North Dakota.”

Clearly, Democrats are going for California-level influence to assure their rule … forever.

North Dakota is just getting started, which was also observed.

McClintock also observed that, once Title 42 restrictions are lifted, the White House will likely start releasing 18,000 migrants per day throughout the nation, the equivalent of “admitting a new state of Alaska every 40 days.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka reports even higher figures, noting, “two million illegal aliens are being released into the nation.”

A record the White House can be proud of. One of several.

Fitting, considering their obsession with “pride” and all (of the LGBTQ variety, with a special emphasis on “T” these days).

“What is occurring on the southern border with women, with children – it’s slavery … It is the abuse of human beings by other human beings, they’re being sold, they’re being trafficked, and it is being perpetrated; assisted by this administration,” Gorka continued, “I’m not interested in subpoenas, I’m not interested in the House investigating these guys after we win in the midterms. I want these people to be prosecuted, I want them to be charged. They are aiding and abetting criminal cartels.”

McClintock also raised a practical question, one that should wake most snowflakes up by this point.

“I’d like to know why you think this benefits Americans. Packing classrooms with non-English speaking students, flooding emergency rooms with illegals demanding care, making it harder to deport criminal illegal aliens, flooding the labor market with cheap foreign labor. How does this benefit Americans?”

In a nutshell, Americans don’t benefit at all.

However, Democrats certainly do … They can just literally import votes, rather than create a platform worth voting for.

Author: Ofelia Thornton