DHS Loses Track of 50,000 Illegal Immigrants

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released data revealing that well over 50,000 illegal migrants released directly into the United States have openly defied orders by failing to show up to their required hearing afterwards. When these illegals were released by the DHS, all had been provided instructions to report to appropriate authorities at ICE once they were situated in their preferred U.S. location.

However, they failed to show, which has resulted in the DHS losing track of at least 50,000 illegal immigrants. The Notice to Report (NTR) process, which permitted the release of the illegals in the first place, was ostensibly designed to help alleviate overcrowding at Border Patrol facilities dramatically overflowing in 2021 from the illegal migration surge.

The data from the DHS covers data ranging from March to August 2021, and it indicates that 104,000 of 270,000 illegal migrants placed in the NTR system, which operates purely on the assumption of trust. In other words, the NTR system merely trusts that illegal migrants will show up to their hearings voluntarily, with apparently little recourse if their orders are defied.

The DHS data was released due to an inquiry from Senator Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, who observed that over half of the illegal migrants released throughout the nation due to the NTR process have subsequently failed to initiate any formal contact whatsoever with ICE.

Per an exclusive report obtained by Breitbart Texas, the alleged honor system embedded in the NTR process is a relatively recent change, which was initiated under the Biden administration in March 2021. However, the DHS has only released data regarding the first six months of the procedure, suggesting that even greater numbers of illegal migrants may have failed to appear.

In the past, when detention spaces were fairly scarce, a Notice to Appear (NTA) provided a time and date for an illegal immigrant to appear in front of an immigration judge. If an illegal immigrant failed to show, they could still be removed even in the absence of a court appearance.

However, under the NTR process, illegal immigrants are able to travel freely throughout the United States, provided they adhere to the honor system expectations of voluntarily reporting to an ICE office within 60 days.

A Customers and Border Protection (CBP) reported to Breitbart Texas that the true expectation is for many more illegal immigrants failing to report as a result of the Biden administration’s new reporting system.