Disgraced Cuomo Desperately Tries To Justify Sex Scandal

Most individuals are likely familiar with some variant of following saying: You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink.

Seems like the “Governor” of New York, whose administration is largely notorious nursing home travesty last spring, may be in a similar predicament: You can send every accuser under the sun to him, backed by some liberal support, no less, yet he still will not acknowledge any fault whatsoever.

After all, the most he would even admit to at all was being “playful,” which is a tad unbelievable. Unless he is indirectly alluding to himself as a predator “playing” with its prey, then it’s a believable statement. Just consider his nonsense from last week below:

“Questions have been raised about some of my past interactions with people in the office … I never intended to offend anyone or cause any harm. I spend most of my life at work, and colleagues are often also personal friends. At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Yeah, Cuomo. Jokes that you think are funny. Not necessarily the 20-something subordinates who did not exactly sign on for a political career filled with perverse jokes and other unwanted behavior from an egomaniac “governor” well more than double their ages.

And Cuomo can forget whether or not he intended to “offend,” the main issue is whether or not an actual crime was committed. Given the level of denial spewing from the governor’s office, it appears that Cuomo won’t be admitting to anything anytime soon, no matter what other evidence comes out.

And more evidence has definitely come out, with new women coming forward and levying accusations against Cuomo due to his rather disturbing behavior in office.

Over the weekend, Ana Liss and Karen Hinton came forward with their own tales of horror from working in Cuomo’s office. Needless to say, neither woman held back much. Just consider Hinton’s recollections below.

“[I endured] a very long, too long, too tight, too intimate [embrace] … he pulls me back for another intimate embrace … I thought at that moment it could lead to a kiss, it could lead to other things, so I just pull away again, and I leave.”
[Source: The New York Post]

Cuomo’s response?

“This did not happen.” [Source: The New York Post]

A rather brief response Cuomo gave to Ms. Hinton, particularly when viewed in the context of another response from Lindsay Boylan, who fully supports Hinton.

“Thank you Karen Hinton for courageously sharing your story of how our boss, one of the most powerful men in the country, used his power to abuse you. I am sending you love. I am with you. We are with you.” [Source: The New York Post]

Apparently, Cuomo isn’t with any of them, especially since these women dare to threaten his little fiefdom in the Northeast, complete with authoritarian powers that would make other dictatorships smile.

In fact, Cuomo has made it abundantly clear that he will not be resigning under any circumstances because it is “anti-democratic” … Yes, the authoritarian drunk on his own “emergency powers” actually had the gall to use the word “anti-democratic.”

“I was elected by the people of the state. I wasn’t elected by politicians … I’m not gonna resign because of allegations …

The premise of resigning because of allegations is actually anti-democratic … Anybody has the ability to make an allegation in a democracy and that’s great. But it’s in the credibility of the allegation.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Tell that to Trump, Cuomo. Where was all this concern with “anti-democratic” procedures before? Oh, that’s right, you went a step beyond Pelosi and claimed you wanted to “deck” him … real “democratic” indeed.

And, speaking of democracy, Cuomo apparently had to do more than issue a statement that he was not resigning; he also felt compelled to issue a veiled threat to one of his accusers.

“To be clear I never inappropriately touched anybody and I never propositioned anybody and I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable, but these are allegations that New Yorkers deserve answers to …

That’s why I have asked for an outside, independent review that looks at these allegations. Separately, my office has heard anecdotally that some people have reached out to Ms. Bennett to express displeasure about her coming forward. My message to anyone doing that is you have misjudged what matters to me and my administration and you should stop now – period.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Uh, wow. Just imagine the fake news media’s reaction to Brett Kavanaugh, had he been arrogant enough to even contemplate such a claim, never mind actually make one.

And, as far as individuals reaching out to Ms. Bennett “to express displeasure?” What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Looks like these women may need a GoFundMe more than Ms. Ford ever did, given Cuomo’s rather barely hidden threat …

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