Disgruntled Comedian Cracks Repulsive ‘Joke’ About Trump

By Dave Urbanski October 13th, 2020 | Image Source : The Blaze

Comedienne Kathy Griffin kept up her death wish announcements for President Donald Trump, tweeting that she wanted to see Trump “croak” during a rally — just days after he was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for the coronavirus.

“I kinda wanna watch trump’s rally Saturday night to see him croak,” she wrote Thursday on Twitter.

Griffin followed that up the next day with her bar lowered just slightly:

“Patiently waiting for Trump’s coma to commence,” she noted.

What was the reaction?
Griffin is proof that living life on the D-list can be sufficient to gain fans, and indeed many folks enjoyed her attacks on Trump. But of course not everyone saw it that way:

  • “You are a f***ing disgrace. Just remember before he became your president you were buddy buddy with him,” another detractor wrote. “Can’t wait [to] hear you cry for another 4 years you f***ing skell.”
  • “Wow aren’t you a little piece of dog s**t,” one Twitter user noted.
  • “Oh look it’s the tolerant left,” another commenter remarked.
  • “You’re a good example of what’s wrong with this country, nothing but hate and violence out of your mouth,” another user said. “If liberals take control of the country this is what we have to look forward to.”
  • “Your career has been in a coma for decades. Is that why you are so unhinged and hysterical?” another commenter asked. “Who else takes pride in being D-list at anything in life?”

And on that note:

Anything else?
Trump hating is nothing new for Griffin:

  • She was among scads of leftists who reacted with glee upon hearing the news he had contracted the coronavirus, tweeting to Trump that she’d “like to volunteer to be your caregiver. I’m a patriot.”
  • In May, she suggested that Trump should be injected with a “syringe with nothing but air inside” — which is potentially lethal.
  • In March, she used her stay in a hospital believing she had contracted COVID-19 to blast Trump’s response to the pandemic. Turns out she had an abdominal infection.
  • Three years ago, Griffin infamously held a bloody, decapitated Trump head during a photo shoot, after which she apologized in the wake of massive backlash. The stunt earned her a visit from the Secret Service.
  • Then months later, she took back her apology.
  • Griffin even ripped a pair of black celebs — comedian Kevin Hart and actor Don Cheadle — for not being on board with her anti-Trump crusade.

Author: Dave Urbanski

Source: The Blaze: Kathy Griffin wanted to see President Trump ‘croak’ in middle of rally — then settled for ‘coma’

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