Disgusted Democrat Makes Beeline For GOP

Maurice Washington announced that he left the Democrat Party since it no longer aligned with the values that his family taught him. Now, Washington represents the Charleston County Republican Party as an executive chair, and he recently shared his political experiences with the Epoch Times.

Over the course of his discussion, Washington revealed that he believed in the Democrat Party when growing up, as many others in his community did, believing that a connection to the Democrats would solidify a connection to other African-Americans. However, as Washington gained more experience, he soon realized that several misconceptions regarding the needs of African-Americans existed, chiefly among them the assumption that their primary interest centers on government welfare.

Unfortunately, the United States has politicizes the notion of victimhood, which routinely portrays individuals as either victims or oppressors, typically based on the racial categories in which they were born. Observing this phenomenon, Washington remarked that victimhood politics constitute a core strategy used by Democrats to remain in perpetual power.

The interview with Washington was posted mere days after Biden traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to recognize the 100-year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. During his appearance, Biden demonstrated the very behaviors that alienated Washington from the Democrat Party, especially when he stated that the nation cannot “bury pain and trauma forever,” which is why “at some point there will be a reckoning, an inflection point” that the United States will face.

In response to various demands for financial, emotional, and social reparations, Washington also noted that Biden has placed a strong emphasis on relying on the government to take care of all one’s needs, an emphasis that is effectively used as bait by the Democrats. However, Washington points out that these policies have resulted in the highest levels of unemployment amongst African-Americans.

In contrast, the “big tent party” of the GOP appeals to Washington, where the predominant limits that are placed on one’s success relate back to the limits they themselves set. In other words, the GOP offers a greater means of shaping one’s own future.