DoJ Digs Deep Into Devastating Laptop

According to a series of recent reports, a Department of Justice (DoJ) investigation regarding the highly suspect nature of Hunter Biden’s business dealings has recently intensified.

Currently, the DoJ is investigating whether or not Biden and his associates have violated several laws, including laws regarding tax, money laundering, and foreign lobbying.

Per a recent Wall Street Journal report, a federal tax investigation also continues to gain significant momentum, with even CNN reporting additional details on the investigation on Wednesday.

Per the surprising report from CNN, the investigation into Hunter Biden started as soon as 2018, and it is being spearheaded by the U.S. attorney located in Wilmington, Delaware.

In addition to the business and financial activities that Hunter Biden routinely engages in across various foreign nations, investigators are also evaluating whether or not the generally anti-Second Amendment president’s son may have violated laws regarding firearms.

According to CNN Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Perez, “prosecutors in Delaware are focusing on a number of things, [which include] whether [the president’s son] and some of his business associates violated laws, [such as] tax and money laundering laws and foreign lobbying laws.”

The ongoing investigation also accounts for the time Biden has spent working with Burma, a natural gas company in Ukraine.

Perez observed that President Biden’s son was receiving upwards of $50,000 monthly for unidentified services on the Burisma board while Biden was serving as Obama’s vice president.

“Of course, [that] raised questions of a conflict,” Perez remarked, adding that it not much had been occurring with the probe into the tax affairs of Hunter Biden “until recently.”

Part of the reason why the probe has accelerated can be attributed to the witnesses who will be speaking with investigators over the course of the next several weeks, which the CNN analyst noted would be “a political mess” for the sitting president.

“This [scandal] is a political mess for the sitting president to have his son being investigated by the Justice Department, his own Justice Department,” Perez proclaimed.