DoJ Presents Deranged New Agenda

The Department of Justice (DoJ) has revealed a sinister new agenda, which centers on states that allegedly prevent youth from receiving a variety of transgender treatments, which could include hormone therapy.

According to DoJ, preventing minors from receiving these treatments could constitute a violation of U.S. law. The DoJ made this position clear in a letter sent to several state attorneys general.

“The [Justice Department] is committed to ensuring that all children are able to live free from discrimination, abuse, and harassment,” Kristen Clarke, an Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division, wrote in a formal statement.

Clarke added that the DoJ’s letter reaffirms the obligations of local and state officials “to ensure that their laws and policies do not undermine or harm the health and safety of children, regardless of a child’s gender identity.”

According to Axios, the letter emerged on the Transgender Day of Visibility.

Clarke declared that “intentionally erecting discriminatory barriers [across various states] to prevent individuals from receiving gender-affirming care implicates a number of federal legal guarantees.”

Clarke’s declarations have implications for several GOP governors.

For instance, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is presently facing court challenges over state laws that will permit investigation parents who seek sex-change treatment.

Idaho Governor Brad Little also approved legislation that limits the ability of transgender youth to participate in school athletics.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey also signed a bill that would require student athletes to join school sports teams based upon their biological sex listed on their birth certificate.

Democrats have been angered by Republican efforts to protect female youth.

Representative Pramila Jayapal declaring that the fight against GOP efforts “cannot wait any longer,” as reported by Axios.

The Democrat representative proceeded to complain that the laws in Texas, Idaho, Alabama, and other states are based on “a cocktail of ignorance, transphobia, and malice” towards transgender youth, their parents, and the physicians who desire to help them.

Blasting the Republican state laws as “attacks” on children, Jayapal rages that the Democrats “cannot wait any longer to enshrine protections for [transgender youth] into federal law.”