Dr. Oz Shreds Fauci’s Deception

Per Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is presently running as a Pennsylvania Senate candidate, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s medical advisor, has repeatedly deceived Americans about the coronavirus pandemic, as revealed by a recent interview with the Washington Examiner.

According to the Republican candidate, Oz believes that Fauci relies far too heavily upon vaccines, despite the fact that the coronavirus vaccines are not working as effectively as advertised.

“We expected too much from the vaccines,” Dr. Oz declared during the interview.

“Vaccines are fantastic when used the right way with the right expectations,” Dr. Oz continued, “but not letting people go to a restaurant because they’ve not been properly boosted is a problem.”

In addition, Dr. Oz also remarked that the Biden administration is extensively focused on pushing booster shots to individuals who either do not want or do not even need, which is especially problematic as extensive data has revealed that booster shots are wholly unnecessary for younger people.

The Senate candidate also cited from numerous public health experts that are presently advising parents to take a cautious approach to having their children inject booster shots.

Despite the salient advice offered by Dr. Oz, he was met with stiff resistance from the Biden administration, which has long been in support of the narrative that vaccines are the only solution to the pandemic. The irony of this position is that the  vaccines were officially achieved under the Trump administration, which has also been blasted as ineffectual against the pandemic, per the Democrats.

Dr. Oz went on to offer his thoughts on vaccine mandates as well, which are less than impressed. In fact, he recommended “[blocking] the ability of a private company to [mandate] that employees have invasive procedures [done],” adding that a vaccine certainly qualifies as invasive.

“It should be up to the employee,” Dr. Oz insisted, “if there is a meaningful reason for it, [then] the company should be [having internal discussions] about possible mandates.”

“Draconian, top-down approaches do not work,” Dr. Oz proclaimed, “individuals should make these decisions with their doctors.”