Election Corruption 2.0: Big Tech Just Getting Started

Apparently Zuckerberg just can’t help himself. Or, more accurately, he chooses to not help himself. After all, one bright enough to rapidly surpass other tech competition and remain competitive should also know the difference between right and wrong.

That’s where the distinction between intelligence and ethics lies: All the intelligence in the world will never offset moral bankruptcy. Particularly the type of moral bankruptcy that not only threatens the United States’ future, but also the future of the free world in general.

Then again, if you’re a multi-billionaire like Zuckerberg, who clearly thrives on controlling what people can and cannot see on a supposedly “open” platform, it does not matter if the rest of the world is overtaken by the New World Order (NWO) via the increasingly trending Global Reset. In fact, Zuckerberg is likely to be one of the NWO’s chief lieutenants.

Frightening times indeed.

What’s even more frightening is that Zuckerberg is apparently exerting his influence in the hotly anticipated Senate runoffs in Georgia, which are absolutely crucial in the horrific circumstance that Biden fully succeeds in stealing the election. Even worse, he is openly pledging tens of millions to the effort.

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact American civic life, especially the administration of safe elections. And with the November 2020 general election nearly behind us, CTCL is focusing philanthropic support to directly help Georgia election offices lead a safe and secure runoff election in January 2021.”
[Source: Breitbart]

“Directly help.” Yeah. Perhaps the most truthful phrase in the entire nonsense statement. Big Tech CEOs are always ready and willing to “directly help” utterly unethical Democrats in need.

The more authoritarian, the better, in the ideologically inverted world of Silicon Valley.

Perhaps what is the most disturbing of all is the fact that Zuckerberg has the gall to call his little project “Safe Elections.” How appropriate for the safe space generation. And how inappropriate in light of rampant voter fraud.

How about “Real Elections?” Though for someone like Zuckerberg, whose platforms apparently depend on everything but the real, from people’s doctored lives to nefarious communist spies, “real” very well be a liability to him and his insidious businesses.

Despite all of Zuckerberg’s borderline-laughable insistence on his company’s “objectivity”, it is quite clear that the tech companies have long been subservient to their Democrat overlords. In the past, they made some attempts at pretending to be neutral, but all of that has flown out the window in the past several months.

One thing is for certain: For someone who insists that his platform does not serve as the “arbiter of truth”, Zuckerberg sure does like to involve himself in the American political process. More accurately, openly corrupt the political process.

Oftentimes to such a flagrant degree that one wonders exactly how he has managed to get away with such open election interference.

Then again, if one chooses to ally themselves with some of the biggest liars and cheaters on the planet, namely the Democrats, apparently just about anything goes, from burning down businesses to openly manipulating ballots in favor of Biden.

Exhibit A: The map below shows where Zuckerberg’s “Safe Elections” funding predominantly went for the presidential election. Note the especially strong clusters in Michigan, which just happens to be another site of serious voting irregularities in Wayne County, the most populous county in Detroit.

It’s “safe” to say that Biden received a bit of a helping hand from his buddy Zuck.

Exhibit B: Apparently not satisfied with openly swaying the presidential election, Zuckerberg has now set his sights on the Senate runoffs in Georgia, which he knows very well could have a significant impact on the way politics will unfold in the next few years.

The Senate would form the primary bulwark against the insanity of the Squad and other insane progressive demands, which is precisely why the leftists are hard at work dismantling the integrity of these Senate runoffs.

After all, tech darling Andrew Yang and his wife have already moved to Georgia and are openly encouraging others to follow, with the explicit goal of swaying the Senate runoffs. In fact, Yang even had the audacity to openly state his intentions.

“The best thing we could do for Joe is to get him a Democratic Senate. There should be coordination of resources. Everyone who campaigned for Joe should get ready to head to Georgia. I’ll go. It’s the only way to sideline Mitch and give Joe a unified government.” [Source: Breitbart]

Imagine the fake news media’s reaction if Trump supporters tried similar tactics in another hotly contested election in a liberal-leaning state. Except the difference between Trump supporters and Biden supporters is every bit as great as the difference between Biden and Trump.

One can only hope that Zuckerberg’s attempt to steal the Senate will end in resounding failure, particularly after at least Jack Dorsey admitted culpability for extreme censorship. Whether he did it for good PR or not remains to be seen, if ever seen, but it is certainly more accountability than Mr. Zuckerberg has deigned to demonstrate.

Particularly if the same Senate (and President) becomes beholden to Zuckerberg and his corporate entities, his first and only real interest.

In addition, with the ongoing crisis in Wayne County, Michigan over serious voting irregularities, one can only hope that Zuckerberg’s nefarious plot to switch electoral votes that are rightfully Trump’s to Biden will also end in ultimate failure.

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