Enemy #1 Begins Launching Weapons At The U.S. — Guess How Biden Responded?

While the world was distracted by Biden’s bungling of Afghanistan in August, another sinister, destabilizing event occurred during the same time period.

Apparently, China launched a hypersonic weapon, embodied with nuclear capabilities, in August as well, a move that stunned the U.S. Intelligence Community and underscored the extent to which China has ramped up its military capabilities.

No thanks to the Biden administration, and definitely no thanks to Hunter Biden’s varied “art” and “investment” careers (both of which happen to wind up in the cookie jar of Chinese money).

Courtesy of an administration that’s more intent on playing gender politics than fortifying the defenses against real threats, China has a golden opportunity to continue developing and deploying various military apparatuses that may well render all political debates in the United States entirely moot.

This opportunity appears even more golden when individuals are apparently incapable of answering how on earth China was able to create such a weapon, never mind deploy it during a time of international crisis and apparently get away with it.

One anonymous official provided a less-than-encouraging response.

“We have no idea how they did this.” [Source: The New York Post]

Well, that is very comforting.

While the government may have “no idea” how the Chinese government managed to launch a hypersonic weapon that circled the world, other experts have a fairly strong idea of just how dangerous such weapons truly are.

Taylor Fravel, an MIT professor and expert on Chinese nuclear weapons, provides insight into just how dangerous the development of hypersonic weapons truly are, especially in terms of their ability to evade detection.

“Hypersonic glide vehicles…fly at lower trajectories and can maneuver in flight, which makes them hard to track and destroy.” [Source: Fox News]

In other words, China could theoretically launch a hypersonic weapon directly at the United States, yet this imminent threat very well may be difficult to track.

Moreover, given how hard it apparently is to find the origins of a clearly manmade virus that clearly originated from the Wuhan laboratory, one can only imagine the field day that officials would have in trying to track a far faster-moving hypersonic weapon.

One can also only imagine how destabilized the entire Asia-Pacific region is becoming, courtesy of the highly belligerent China.

Admiral Philip Davidson, for instance, remarks that China’s latest weapons deployment is highly unfavorably for the United States, noting that China very well may end up out-maneuvering the United States in the region.

“The military balance in the Indo-Pacific is becoming more unfavorable for the United States and our allies … With this imbalance, we are accumulating risk that may embolden China to unilaterally change the status quo before our forces may be able to deliver an effective response.” [Source: Fox News]

“Before our forces may be able to deliver an effective response.”

Considering that the United States was pathetically reduced to depending on the Taliban for the “safe passage” of Americans (in and of itself a complete joke), it is safe to say that the bumbling Biden administration won’t stand a chance against a vastly more powerful, technologically advanced enemy.

Even without Hunter Biden’s antics in China, the nation would be gravely in peril given the enormous technological advances

Michale Gallagher, a Republican member of the House armed services committee, has also underscored the serious threat that China poses to the world, adding that the hypersonic technology also (disturbingly) appears to have American origins.

“The People’s Liberation Army now has an increasingly credible capability to undermine our missile defences and threaten the American homeland with both conventional and nuclear strikes … Even more disturbing is the fact that American technology has contributed to the PLA’s hypersonic missile programme.” [Source: The Financial Times]

Looks like Trump’s claims regarding reverse engineering represent yet another example of brutal honesty, the type that the nation needs to survive an increasingly perilous geopolitical landscape.

Notably when Trump warned about reverse engineering various taxpayer-funded helicopters that the Taliban now enjoys.

“I guarantee that China and Russia already have our Apache helicopters and they’re taking them apart to find out exactly how they’re made. They’re the best in the world by far. And they’re taking them apart so they can make the exact same equipment. They’re very good at that. It’s a disgrace.” [Source: Fox News]

Meanwhile, China continues gloating on a global stage through one of its numerous media mouthpieces, essentially informing the United States that the nation intends to do as it pleases, especially in its “coastal areas” (i.e., Taiwan).

“Perhaps we need to point out that no matter how much military spending the US increases and how much new equipment it procures, it is impossible for the US to continue enjoy overwhelming military superiority in China’s coastal areas. Washington needs to be realistic and rethink its approach to China.” [Source: Global Times]

“Rethink” is one way of putting it … completely revamp is another.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Biden administration is far more likely to hide in a cave with the Taliban than defend Taiwan when the sovereign nation truly needs help.

Source: Jane Jones