Exxon Puts A Lid On “Pride” At Work

Leftist madness has descended to such an abysmal state in the so-called “United” States that Fortune 500 companies take political positions purely based on fearing backlash on social media.

These days, many corporations sadly tend to shake in their shoes, depending on whichever way the leftist mob is raging.

Much like an unwieldy hurricane, however, the leftist mob tends to leave a path of destruction wherever it goes, both online and in-person, and it appears that one corporation has absolutely had it with the partisanship of American corporations.

Which is precisely why Exxon Mobil, which actually has real challenges to deal with rather than “feelings” effectively said “enough is enough” with LGTBQ, not to mention BLM, flags.

“Exxon updated company guidance on what flags can be displayed outside its offices, banning ‘external position flags’ such as PRIDE and Black Lives Matter, according to the policy seen by Bloomberg News. Instead, the rule permits a flag representing an LGBTQ employees’ group that does not prominently feature Exxon’s corporate logo,” Bloomberg reported.

“External position flags.” Awesome.

The woke mob is hardly the only entity capable of coming up with neutral-sounding language to disguise otherwise unpleasant realities.

In the case of Exxon, the unpleasant reality was clearly the fact that Houston employees took it upon themselves to turn Exxon Mobil into a de facto LGBTQ center last year by prominently flying rainbow flags outside its offices, clearly assuming their “rights” (i.e., feelings) supersede company policy.

Exxon was not amused.

In stark contrast to Disney, which rages about the fact kindergarteners in Florida apparently have to wait a few years to learn about the wonders of gender transitioning

In other words, Exxon does not want non-corporate flags flown outside its headquarters, especially flags associated with the woke mob.

Exxon also recognizes the woke mob will likely go mad at the mere thought of any corporation not bending to every last little whim they demand, often based on zero grounds, which is precisely why the corporation made it clear that “employee resource groups” could still fly their respective flags.

And, after basically being forced to by 2015, Exxon’s updated policy to account for sexual diversity certainly permits such employee resource groups (ESR), including the PRIDE group in Houston, to display ESR flags.

The group is simply banned from using Exxon as a personal microphone for their “cause” via the now-hijacked rainbow flag.

Predictably, the PRIDE group in Houston threw a fit.

“Corporate leadership took exception to a rainbow flag being flown at our facilities,” the group whined, “PRIDE was informed the justification was centered on the need for the corporation to maintain ‘neutrality.’”

Oh, the horror! A corporation serving virtually every stakeholder you can imagine, including several outside the United States, is well within its rights to maintain “neutrality.”

After all, Exxon has a business to run, not babies to console.

If Exxon has done anything wrong, it’s not giving employees enough to do as they apparently have time to sit around writing manifestos about how Exxon did them wrong.

“It is difficult to reconcile how ExxonMobil recognizes the value of promoting our corporation as supportive of the LGBTQ+ community externally (e.g., advertisements, Pride parades, social media posts) but now believes it inappropriate to visibly show support for our LGBTQ+ employees at the workplace,” the group continued.

“It is difficult to reconcile” how these types of individuals got hired in the first place, as well as their total and complete lack of self-awareness.

However, if Exxon still requires a college degree to work there, odds are excellent that all employees who graduated within the last five years were subjected to a sea of leftist indoctrination, 4+ years of it (assuming they didn’t fail several classes).

If Exxon has done anything wrong, perhaps its requiring a college degree to work there, rather than instituting their own employee training program and bypassing the college graduate requirement entirely.

Seems those degrees are becoming a liability more often than not.

Plus, Exxon will play a direct role in reducing student debt: By eliminating a college graduation requirement, its employees won’t be absolutely laden with debt they take on to become future communists in the first place!

Plus, they might actually focus on work for once, rather than how “impactful” a damn flag policy is to their ever-changing “feelings.”

“These types of visible actions are even more impactful for many of our LGBTQ+ colleagues who aren’t out at work and may not feel comfortable participating in PRIDE events,” the PRIDE group threatened.

Ah, so now PRIDE group is threatening not to represent Exxon in some massive, half or fully nude pride parade looming around the corner.

Exxon is surely devastated. Not.

But the corporation sure did irritate quite a few other entities, including Human Rights Watch (HRW), which blasted Exxon for its “neutrality.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘neutrality’ when it comes to our rights. Our flag isn’t just a visual representation of our identities. It is also a staple of allyship,” HRW sneered.

Allyship? Are they kidding? What do they think this situation is, a global conflict?

It’s a rainbow flag!

Well, guess what.

Exxon doesn’t need “allyship” with a bunch of overgrown college students.

What it needs is a president that isn’t about to plunge the planet into World War III, not to mention a workforce that’s actually focused on work.

Sadly, it appears that Exxon already has to deal with a bunch of babies, as Tracey Gunnlaugsson, who serves as the Vice President of Human Resources, has already come out to clarify what should be beyond clear (and reasonable) to employees.

“The updated flag protocol is intended to clarify the use of the ExxonMobil branded company flag and not intended to diminish our commitment to diversity and support for employee resource groups,” Gunnlaugsson declared, “we’re committed to keeping an open, honest, and inclusive workplace for all of our employees, and we’re saddened that any employee would think otherwise.”

Clearly, now-former Exxon employee J. Chris Martin not only thinks, but “feels” otherwise.

“I’m also told that the employee resource groups were consulted only in a perfunctory way regarding this matter, based on momentary discomfort with displaying a symbol of open-mindedness and support for long suppressed voices. While they may say nobody has lost anything, the symbolism is unmistakable,” Martin brayed.

“The symbolism is unmistakable.”

Sounds identical to some leftwing humanities professor, if not totally identical.

Mr. Martin, Exxon’s discomfort at these flags is far more than “momentary.”

Moreover, if the left insists on playing the feelings war, then why do only the left’s feelings matter?

After all, they can levy every vitriolic comment possible at anyone remotely conservative, including accusing them of racism, misogyny, and a host of other baseless accusations, and that’s just fine, but Exxon dares to take a position of “neutrality” on a now-massive issue and the world is now upside down?

Perhaps as part of their next round of “enlightenment,” all these whining employees should start developing “self-awareness.”

Preferably while off the clock.

Author: Ofelia Thornton