Facebook Permanently Bans Pro-2nd Amendment Group

This past week, Facebook raised fresh fears of Big Tech censorship by permanently banning a pro-Second Amendment group’s page. No explanation was provided for the permanent ban.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Philip Van Cleave, who presides over the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), which is 2nd Amendment advocacy group, the group’s page suddenly vanished with zero commentary from the tech giant. 

Facebook released a statement that acknowledged the permanent ban, but it provided no explanation for why the ban had taken place.

Instead, a Facebook spokeswoman, Kristin Morea, provided a vague response, noting that the tech company’s decision “was correctly actioned” and that Facebook “will not be republishing.” Morea declined to comment further.

Facebook also acknowledged the deletion to The Blaze, claiming that the group administrators had violated Community Service standards, without providing further clarification. While the VCDL group page is still functional, its official page was removed after employees decided to “re-review” their original actions.

Per Van Cleave, VCDL primarily used Facebook to organize events and interact with different individuals about legislative matters. One legislative matter includes Virginia Governor Ralph Northman’s 2020 gun control plans, and one planned event includes “Lobby Day”, which is an annual driving demonstration in support of the 2nd amendment .

Other media reports have viewed VCDL even more harshly. For instance, an article in The Guardian claims that VCDL members had been “openly discussing violent resistance and civil war.” The same article also claims that VCDL is further to the right than the NRA, and it argues that the VCDL pushes for various local municipalities to serve as “sanctuaries” for gun owners from state or national laws that may impede on 2nd amendment rights.

Van Cleave, on the other hand, pointed out that VCDL members have never had issues with the law, they pay their taxes, and they rarely even have speeding tickets. For this reason, they are resistant to giving up their constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Facebook’s ban is concerning due to the lack of explanation, and it does not bode well for the future of other conservative organizations on the platform, Van Cleave noted. 
“If they did this to us, it’s just a matter of time,” he said.
He also added that VCDL is “a high-profile group”, which is why it may have been “singled out”, though other smaller groups are likely “on the chopping block next.”
Van Cleave also noted that the VCDL never advocated violence, nor did it become involved in protesting the 2020 election results.

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