Fake News Abruptly Turns On Kamala, See Why …

The Los Angeles Times, which has become well-known for cheerleading Kamala Harris, has finally admitted what numerous other individuals on both sides of the aisle have realized: Kamala is an utterly ineffective leader.

Noah Bierman, an LA Times staff writer, recently published commentary on Kamala in the paper’s “Essential Politics” newsletter, arguing that Kamala’s failure to secure victory for the “For the People Act” illustrates the limitations of her influence. Specifically, Kamala was unable to surpass the filibuster threshold for passage of the bill, much to the immense disappointment of Democrats.

Initially, the LA Times had gushed over Kamala’s “historic rise to the White House,” setting up an entire section of the paper just for her, which is also known as the “Covering Kamala Harris” beat. However, even the LA Times, along with other mainstream media outlets, has been forced to realize that the vice president has numerous shortcomings.

Kamala had been tasked with pushing through an astonishingly radical bill which essentially promoted a federal takeover of elections. However, Kamala was not seen actively campaigning for the bill, which angered leftists journalists who commented on their takeaway of the legislative debacle: “The takeaway was how little we saw of her” prior to the Republicans’ resounding victory over the Democrats in the Senate earlier this week, when the “For the People” bill was formally blocked.

The LA Times also runs through a litany of inactions taken by Kamala with regards to the passage of this bill. For instance, the publication notes that Kamala did not bother to court votes in the Senate, nor did she even bother to engage in discussions with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who was the only Democrat clearly opposed to the bill. In addition, Kamala also did not issue any “statements on how to find compromise,” and she definitely did not engage with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has long kept other Republicans from “breaking ranks in opposition to even debating it.”

On top of all these issues, Bierman also calls out Kamala for routinely failing to engage with the Senate, or for being guilty of a “lack of any significant engagement in the Senate.” Moreover, Bierman also remarks that that out of the four years Kamala “served” in the Senate, three of the four were spent “running for president.”

The subheading in the newsletter also illuminated Kamala’s primary activities to date, which consist largely of negative commentary coupled with inaction. For this reason, the newsletter remarks, “what can she do except complain?” before proceeding to note that her presence is utterly unhelpful, and, in some cases, “could be counterproductive, in red states.”

On top of her abysmal failure with regards to the “For the People Act,” Kamala has also faced immense pressure over her absence from the border, despite being appointed the border czar. It was only after Trump announced that he would visit the border with Governor Abbott and other Republicans on June 30, 2021, Kamala hastily announced her own visit to the border, to take place just a few days before Trump’s.