Fake News Blames Trump For Terror Attack

Recently, NBC News placed blame on Donald J. Trump for the tragic ISIS-K attack that took place in Afghanistan on Thursday. This attack took the lives of 13 American service members and multiple Afghan citizens, and it also caused injuries to at least 20 different individuals.

According to Sebastien Roblin, a military writer for NBC, it is apparently “easy” to blame Joe Biden for the attack, but the apparent “architecture” that Trump had created for withdrawing American forces is what ultimately led to the terrorist attack.

According to Roblin, “the rushed evacuation and its vulnerability to Thursday’s deplorable attack were inevitable outcomes of the rapid collapse of the Afghan government.”

Roblin admitted that Biden does have a “share of responsibility” regarding the collapse of the Afghan government, though Roblin also argued that Biden was accurate when he pointed out “that the architecture of the hasty [American] withdrawal,” along with “the inevitable deadly chaos that followed,” was apparently the fault of “the previous commander in chief,” or Trump.

On his part, Biden has repeatedly blamed Trump for the chaos that has unfolded across Afghanistan, including during a press conference on Thursday.

Biden insisted that the press knows as well as he does “that the former president made a deal with the Taliban,” which would have resulted in removing all the American forces from the Middle Eastern nation by May 1.

Thus, while Roblin argues in favor of Biden holding partial responsibility for the collapse of the Afghanistan government, he blames much of the situation on Trump, arguing that the Trump administration served as the real catalyst for the current turmoil across the nation.

Biden, however, does remain “responsible for following through on the Trump administration’s policy,” but Robin defended Biden’s position by arguing that a reversal of the agreement would have been “costly” while also increasing the likelihood of the Taliban’s attacks on American forces.

Roblin also claimed that Trump was insulting himself by insulting Biden’s exit strategy, which was presumably the same strategy that Trump would have followed.

Under the Trump administration, the Doha Agreement had laid the groundwork for the withdrawal of American troops in exchange for the Taliban ensuring that Afghani soil would not be used to attack or threaten the United States or any of its allies.