Fake News Reveals True Evil Just In Time For Election

At this point, everyone knows the fake news is completely biased, which has been rather obvious for the past two decades or more. Also at this point, everyone also knows that the fake news has moved beyond bias into straight up lies. However, perhaps in yet another underestimation of how low fake news will stoop, their demonstration of pure glee, from CNN to SNL, over Trump’s health is perhaps one of the most transparent displays of evil ever witnessed before.

One would have thought that, in at least a phony display of decency, the fake news would have refrained itself in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s hospitalization, which is widely known to sane people as an abundance of caution, rather than imminent death. One would think that the fake news might even show the surprising decency that Rachel Maddow did once she learned about Trump’s condition.

You know, the same kind of restraint and decency that Trump showed in waiting to elect a new SCOTUS nominee until after RBG was laid to rest. The same kind of decorum Kanye West demonstrated when he said he was praying for Trump’s recovery, just as he would pray for Biden’s if he unfortunately contracted the (deliberately manufactured) Chinese virus.

Alas, the fake news is so rotten to the core that it couldn’t even bother to show any decency at all. On the contrary, the EFN (evil fake news) was downright celebratory throughout the entire weekend.

Where exactly to begin? So many examples abound.

Exhibit A:

SNL openly celebrated Trump’s condition this weekend, with some of the “actors” proclaiming their “sympathy” for COVID. Although all the contributions from “actors” were sick, “comedian” Chris Rock was perhaps the sickest.

“President Trump’s in the hospital from COVID, and I just want to say my heart goes out to COVID.” [Source: Western Journal]

Not cool. Also not worth any more space, including here.

Exhibit B:

CNN has featured “expert” after “expert” insisting that Trump’s physicians are either “hiding something” or that Trump is somehow knocking at death’s door. Then again, CNN is an expert in exactly nothing these days, aside from continuing to lower the already astronomically low bar for “news.” Sanjay Gupta, another bought and paid for expert, hilariously lectured about the need for “transparency.”

“No. I mean, you’ve got to be honest. You’ve got to be transparent—all these details matter … He was — it was purposely misleading yesterday about a very basic issue, which is whether or not the president had been on supplemental oxygen is one of those issues.” [Source: Breitbart]

“You’ve got to be transparent?” “Purposely misleading?” Buddy, you’re on the wrong network if you’re really looking for transparency. Oh wait, you aren’t.

Exhibit C:

Several fake news outlets have actually already assigned reporters to write Trump’s obituary, including the predictable The New York (Behind The) Times, Los(t) Angeles Times, and Wa(cked)Po, perhaps one of the sickest assignments developed in recent times.

These “journalists” would undoubtedly show even less respect than was shown to his brother, who tragically passed away not long ago. Despite Trump’s immense personal loss, he still kept moving forward for Americans.

Let’s stop at three exhibits before one’s blood pressure understandably escalates to exponentially unhealthy levels, something else the rabid left would celebrate.

Fortunately, Trump is showing all the signs that the fake news media does not wish to see, given the opinions clearly expressed by medical authorities with direct access to Trump (i.e., those who are a bit more educated than journalist “hacks” employed by the fake news).

In addition, for someone who is supposedly on his death bed, per the aforementioned EFN’s desire, Trump surely looked much better in person on Sunday than the rabid left wishes him to see.

Even in illness, Trump is there for Americans, doing far more in a weekend at the hospital than Pelosi has done in the past three years. Likely more than Biden has done in the last 47 years.

One surprisingly positive outcome of his illness is the mass support that New Yorkers have shown to Trump, a support that even the fake news cannot hide. From supporters gathered outside Trump Towers, in numbers great enough to shut down 5th Avenue to the thousands who gathered outside of Walter Reed Hospital, it is clear that Trump has far more Americans that support him than Biden ever will.

At the time of this writing, the election is officially under one month away, and no matter how much the left fights, it is likely that Trump will sweep the electoral votes even more than he did in 2016.

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