Famous ‘Home Defense’ Couple Gears Up To Take Back Their Guns

The St. Louis couple who faced gun charges in a standoff with Black Lives Matter (BLM) protestors are now moving towards recuperating their confiscated weapons. Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who are both attorneys, armed themselves in response to BLM protestors who just outside their physical residence in a private community.

On Wednesday, Robert Dierker, a representative of the City Counselor’s Office, remarked in a virtual court hearing that the city of St. Louis had not destroyed the McCloskeys’ guns, despite a court order that mandated their destruction.

“Obviously with our customary efficiency, we should have destroyed [the weapons] months ago,” Dierker remarked drollly to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

However, since the city has not destroyed the guns, the McCloskey couple has become a “beneficiary of bureaucratic ineptitude.”

“In any event, it’s fortuitous that these weapons still exist,” Dierker continued.

Mark McCloskey is currently running for the U.S. Senate as a Republican, and the St. Louis-based attorney has filed suit against the state, the city, and the sheriff in an effort to retrieve the weapons that were confiscated after gun charged were levied.

However, the city insists that the McCloskeys ultimately forfeited their guns when they agreed to a plea deal, namely where they pled guilty to misdemeanor charges for brandishing their weapons at BLM protestors in 2020.

In June 2021, the couple pled guilty to misdemeanor charges, and they also surrendered a Bryco .380-caliber pistol and a Colt AR-15 rifle.

Due to cellphone video footage and photos of the confrontation between the protestors and the McCloskeys, the incident quickly went viral and gained immense nationwide attention.

Mark McCloskey has argued that the gubernatorial pardon of the couple, issued by GOP Governor Mike Parson on July 30, justified the return of the confiscated guns. The McCloskeys are also angling to recuperate $872.50 paid in fines associated with their plea deal.