Fauci Changes His Tune On Social Distancing

A recently released study has claimed that six feet of distance between individuals to prevent the spread of COVID may not be necessary, which may initiate another change in CDC guidelines.

Over the weekend, Dr. Fauci admitted during a CNN interview that three feet of distance may be appropriate for reopening schools.

During the interview, the host, Jake Tapper, referenced the new study from scholars in Massachusetts, which found no statistically significant difference in the spread of COVID within educational institutions that had six feet of social distancing versus three feed of social distancing.

Tapper then inquired whether or not Fauci believed that three feet may be sufficient enough space for social distancing.

Fauci responded affirmatively, noting that the CDC is on a mission to accumulate data, and once “data shows that there is an ability to be three feet,” then the CDC will act accordingly. Fauci also added that the CDC was conducting its own studies on social distancing, and that data analysis from these studies should be available shortly.

“The CDC is very well-aware that data are accumulating making it look more like three feet are okay under certain circumstances,” Fauci continued, adding that the CDC was examining these studies and will be providing guidelines based upon the available data.

Fauci concluded by stating that “it won’t be very long” until they reach conclusions.

In the meantime, Biden has put forth a list of what people “can do” and “cannot do,” and he also asserted that July 4, 2021 is the earliest possible date for backyard cookouts.

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