Fauci Frets Over Declining COVID Concerns

The coronavirus pandemic, or, more accurately, restrictions associated with the pandemic, are finally coming to an end, much to the dismay of Dr. Fauci.

After all, never has Dr. Fauci made as much money as he has over the course of the pandemic, and he certainly wasn’t grazing the cover of fashion magazine pre-COVID.

In light of all the fame and fortune he has apparently realized later in life as a public bureaucrat, it is little wonder that he is in no hurry to let the pandemic go just yet.

Which was extremely obvious during a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “All In.”

During Fauci’s appearance on MSNBC, Anchor Chris Hayes remarked, “I want you to tell me what you think when you read about people being done with COVID. I get that. I think we all do. Like, no one wants to be an epidemic indefinitely.”

First off, is it a pandemic or epidemic? Because if it’s merely an “epidemic,” then what’s up with the continued ridiculously overt international travel measures?

Moreover, “like, no one” wants restrictions at all, unless you stand to profit from them … like Fauci and the mainstream media.

“My fear is that ‘done with COVID.’ It has meant people are just done with it, meaning I’m not getting my kid vaccinated. I’m not getting boosted. I’m not a 90-vaccine person. I’m not someone who’s got some weird obsession with how Doctor Fauci is like the worst person in the world; I’m just done,” Hayes continued dramatically, “and that’s my fear is that that it is exhaustion is going to break us off at a point that is not sufficient to get the immunity of what we need.”

So, MSNBC is basically upset that people may no longer fear a cold.

Wow, that’s the global news everyone has been waiting for.

Of course, Fauci simpered and preened in response, as he just cannot let go of the fact that COVID will not last indefinitely.

“Right. I think your concern is justifiable, Chris – that when people say done with COVID, done with COVID means you want to get back to normality, to the extent that you can,” Fauci replied.

Gee, how outrageous for people to want to return to “normality.” They’ve only had two years of their lives stolen while other politicians prance and preen about, oftentimes mask-less and on private jets.

So, for them, it makes no difference as to whether or not restrictions continue since they ignore them anyway.

“But the fact is, you’ll get back to normality when you have a certain percentage of people who have immunity,” Fauci droned, “that immunity could either be infection, and hopefully, people would get a booster after, even though you get a good degree of protection from prior infection, but if you really want to get the epidemic behind you, put it in the rearview mirror, just saying you’re done with COVID.”

In other words, Fauci is probably still on unofficial contract to keep pitching boosters until pharmaceutical CEOs are satisfied with their earnings.

Which means that Fauci will pitch boosters indefinitely.

And, just to make sure of that, Fauci was sure to deliver yet another perfect sound bite quote, almost as if he were … scripted.

“You may be done with COVID, but COVID is not done with the United States, nor is COVID done with the world,” Fauci boomed.

Right. Save it for the snowflakes, as patriots are done with that, as evidenced by the Freedom Convoy up north.

Speaking of which, Tucker Carlson noted that the convoy isn’t even about the pandemic anymore, which is precisely why he raised serious questions during a recent show on Fox.

“Is this really about stopping the spread of coronavirus? No one in Canada is even pretending that it is anymore,” Carlson declared, “Trudeau himself didn’t mention the risk of COVID a single time yesterday. He is not worried about unvaccinated truckers spreading a virus. Trudeau is worried about Canadians resisting his rule.”

Trudeau, in other words, lost the plot long ago, much like the majority of Democrats.

And that midterm reckoning can’t come soon enough …

Author: Jane Jones