Fauci Inflames Family Tensions Before Holidays

Recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci made a series of suggestions that would likely inflame family tensions prior to the holidays. Specifically, Fauci declared that all Americans should required their family members to show evidence of vaccination records before gathering together for various holiday celebrations.

Fauci also prattled on about the advantages of full vaccination, in spite of the fact that numerous restrictions, including federal mask mandates on airplanes, continue to impact fully vaccinated Americans.

During a live interview, Fauci proclaimed that vaccinated people can feel “comfortable” with the idea of “dinners and gatherings within the home with people who are vaccinated,” including “grandparents and parents and children.”

According to Fauci, if everyone is fully vaccinated, then it is possible to enjoy these gatherings “an indoor setting,” implying that indoor settings are not possible in situations wherein everyone is not fully vaccinated.

After promulgating the importance of full vaccination, Fauci proceeded to make more controversial recommendations.

“That’s the reason why people should, if they invite people over their home, essentially ask … that people show evidence that they are vaccinated,” Fauci continued, adding that some families may even choose to “require” for everyone to show each other their respective vaccination records.

According to data released by Our World in Data, approximately 60 percent of Americans have been fully vaccinated.

However, Fauci still recommends that people eschew larger family gatherings, adding that he himself will be skipping Christmas celebrations with his family for the first time in over three decades.

“For the first time in more than 30 years, I’m not spending the Christmas holidays with my daughters,” Fauci proclaimed at the Milken Institute’s Future of Health Summit. Fauci also added that he did not attend Thanksgiving celebrations with his family either, in an implicit encouragement for other Americans to do the same.