Fauci Shreds State With Declining COVID Cases

During a recent interview with MSNBC, Dr. Fauci continually avoided answering questions regarding how Texas could drop all its COVID restrictions, yet still observe instances of the disease steadily decline across the state. Fauci noted that the situation indeed appeared “confusing,” especially since he was unable to prove his theory regarding another imminent surge in Texas. 

Per Fauci, despite the decline in cases in Texas, it is possible to “see a lag and a delay” since it can take “a few weeks” before the effects of various public policy decisions, notably decisions regarding lockdowns, can be observed. 

Fauci also added that Texas might primarily be holding sports events and other outdoor activities, which could potentially explain why the COVID cases have continued to decline across the state. However, Fauci also emphasize that it is “difficult” to determine the rationale behind the steadily improving COVID situation in Texas, adding, “you just have to see in the long range.”

Nonetheless, Fauci hastened to add that he hopes cases in Texas “continue to tick down,” which would be “great.” Yet he still could not resist fear mongering as he droned on about “the concern when you pull back on methods,” particularly with regard to indoor bars and restaurants “that are crowded.” 

He reiterated, “you can see a delay,” which is immediately followed by a sudden surge in cases. Fauci insisted that experts, including himself, have “been fooled before” in other scenarios, wherein the economy and society begin to reopen without any serious issues, until “all of the sudden … things start exploding on you.” Based upon these statements, Fauci doubled down on the importance of avoiding “premature judgment.”

Fauci also criticized the Texas Rangers for entertaining a packed stadium on Monday night.

However, Texas lifted all COVID restrictions one month ago, and cases continue to steadily decline.

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