Fauci Threatens Fresh Lockdowns

Just in case Biden is unsuccessful in starting World War III, it appears that Fauci has already taken up the mantle of draconian governance once again.

That’s right: The nation’s so-called medical advisor, who should have retired at least ten years ago, has apparently decided it’s a great time to threaten Americans with more lockdowns, based on … well, apparently based on fictitious scenarios, as the virus is clearly dying out.

He should have retired at least ten years ago for helping contribute to gain of function research alone, with American taxpayer funds, no less.

However, in light of his latest calls for a totally authoritarian state, he definitely needs to retire.

Just consider his absurd commentary below.

“I don’t want to use the word ‘lockdowns.’ That has a charged element to it. But, I believe that we must keep our eye on the pattern of what we’re seeing with infections,” Fauci began.

So, in other words, Fauci is basically threatening lockdowns without using the word “lockdown.” Kind of like someone says they were “let go” instead of fired.

And, is it any wonder that lockdowns now have a “charged” element?

After all, it’s not like the Democrats follow any of their own demands upon other people.

“Rules for thee, not for me” after all, rules the lemming Democrat mindset.

Fauci then proceeded with more gloom and doom, based on projections invented by his Democrat masters.

“Having said that, we need to be prepared for the possibility that we would have another variant that would come along,” Fauci blared, “And then, if things change and we do get a variant that does give us an uptick in cases and hospitalization, we should be prepared and flexible enough to pivot toward going back – at least temporarily – to a more rigid type of restrictions, such as requiring masks indoors.”

Oh, so another variant could come along? Imagine that! Guess what else?

Imagine all the other possibly horrible scenarios that could occur in the future, when policies based on a dark desire for power, rather than policies based on immediate data and observations (i.e., “the science”), rule?

Guess what else could suddenly come along? The long-awaited eruption in Yellowstone and a number of other far greater, cataclysmic disasters.

Does Fauci have a contingency plan for nuclear radiation in the event of a man-made crisis, aside from socially distancing in bunkers?

Doesn’t he ever give his gloom and doom a rest?

Hasn’t Fauci made enough millions from other people’s misery?

Then again, perhaps Fauci is angling for Pelosi-level wealth, which is well into nine figures (or, close to one-third of $1B, to be exact), which means he will remain “in power” in his ultimately feckless sinecure for as long as he’d like.

As long as blithering Biden and hapless Harris are in power, that is, or some variant of that dreadful duo.

That said, in the meantime, the bungling duo has Lord Fauci to dictate to Americans in the meantime, in power since 1984 (the Orwell reference is entirely appropriate in this case.

Much to the dismay of Democrats, who would clearly desire a century-long pandemic if they could achieve it.

After all, it’s not like they follow any of their own rules, which means they literally do have the world to themselves, in a sense.

And they didn’t even have to quell a mass uprising to get it!

Moreover, any hint of an uprising, such as the truckers in Canada, is promptly squashed with such fury that citizens naturally begin to fear engaging in any form of peaceful protest.

Which is precisely how representative government ends and authoritarianism begins.

Is it really any wonder that China is sitting there blaring about how dangerous COVID is, yet again? After all, Biden was clearly China’s top choice for a reason, in large part so that they could roar ahead on the world stage while the United States falls progressively more behind.

In other words, the real “progress” that AOC and her cronies are angling for.

AOC, who, by the way, was just busted stealing nearly $1M in campaign contributions and putting them in an LLC that’s not even legally incorporated in the United States, but the fictional news media will continue to give her endless passes as it always does.

After all, she’s the detestable microphone for the elite, and not a very competent one at that either, showing the disdain elites have for the very American taxpayers who have long kept them in power.

Author: Jane Jones