Fauci Throws A Fit Over Trump

During a recent appearance on CNN+, national medial advisor Dr. Fauci attempted to blame former President Donald Trump for deaths attributed to the coronavirus across the United States during the early months of the pandemic.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) offered no quantitative evidence to support this viewpoint, claiming that providing evidence “becomes a headline.”

Fauci made an appearance on the new streaming service show of Chris Wallace, who recently departed from a long-term career at Fox News, where he seemed to dodge several questions regarding Trump.

Providing no specific numbers regarding the ostensible fault Trump bears for the pandemic, Fauci instead fixated on various anecdotes loosely ground in reality as Wallace inquired whether or not a “smarter” government response may have reduced the death toll.

“I believe so. I mean, I can’t quantitate it for you about how many less deaths,” Fauci replied, adding that he was unsure whether or not such data could even be modeled.

The medical advisor blamed Trump for showing resistance to lockdowns, despite the fact a John Hopkins University study recently revealed that lockdowns had only a 2 percent effectiveness rate in reducing the mortality rate.

However, Fauci stands by his lockdown approach, insisting that Trump’s resistance to lockdowns is largely to blame for the high rate of COVID deaths.

“[Trump] would get up and say, ‘You know, ‘Liberate Virginia, liberate Michigan,'” Fauci whined, adding that Trump’s defense of the freedom of movement “was just completely contrary and antithetical with what we were trying to do.”

“If we had really locked down, we probably wouldn’t have lost a lot of people early on,” Fauci declared.

To date, just under 400,000 individuals have passed away from COVID under the Trump administration’s tenure.

The Biden administration, on the other hand, which has enjoyed the benefit of a vaccine early on in the presidency, has seen at least 600,000 deaths related to COVID.