FBI Director Sides With Radical Left In Formal Hearing

Well, the Capitol Hill briefings have formally started, and it appears that the Democrats are primarily using these hearings to absolve themselves of any and all culpability (surprise, surprise).

The greatest example of Democrats attempting to skirt accountability is evident in various Democrat senators’ questions to FBI Director Christopher Wray. Rather than asking questions about how exactly Capitol Hill was breached, not to mention why exactly the Democrats blew off the infamous “Norfolk memo,” which warned of potential violence well in advance of the actual breach, various leftist senators have elected to focus on the “who” of the breach, rather than the “how.”

Funny, it seemed that the “who” of the Capitol Hill breach have already been tried and convicted by the fake news media (excluding the BLM activist caught in Capitol Hill, of course), though major questions remain regarding the “how.”

Nonetheless, leftist senators fixated on “who” above all. For instance, Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, questioned whether or not the FBI had determined any Antifa involvement, to which Wray had a prompt response.

“We have not to date seen any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribing to Antifa … That doesn’t mean we’re not looking and we will continue to look.” [Source: Fox News]

Really? How about the $35,000 payment CNN made to a super BLM activist, whose views are clearly more aligned with Antifa than Trump supporters? Waiting …

Another Democrat Senator, Dick Durbin, also asked whether or not “fake Trump supporters” could have been involved in the Capitol Hill riots, to which Wray also responded in a fake news friendly way.

“We have not seen evidence of that at this stage.” [Source: Fox News]

Right. And which “stage” would that be? The “stage” in which the FBI has done absolutely nothing real so far? Given the FBI track record over the past several years, which has fixated on Trump while giving Clinton and Obama a nonstop pass, that’s frankly the most believable.

Wray was also questioned on the January 5“Norfolk memo,” which warned multiple entities about the possibility of violence on Capitol Hill. The same memo that would have activated the 10,000 National Guard members that Trump requested (and Pelosi refused).

And, at last, in response to the “Norfolk memo,” Wray gave perhaps the most “honest” answer of the entire hearing, which, for leftists, means only partially transparent.

“As to why the info didn’t flow to all the people, I don’t have an answer for that.” [Source: Fox News]

How convenient. That may be due to deliberate obstruction of the “flow,” but you’ll never get that admission out of Pelosi.

Speaking of Pelosi, know what else is convenient? Pelosi’s rather rapid response to Trump, after Trump pointed out that his request for 10,000 National Guard members on January 6 was denied.

Pelosi’s response? Trump’s explanation is “completely made up.”

What a way to get out of addressing anything. Simply say the other side is “lying” or that their statements are “completely made up,” which means that the likes of Pelosi continue to skirt accountability indefinitely.

Ironically, Democrats do not cease in their demands for accountability for Trump and his supporters, despite them being vastly more open than the leftist ever will be.

The aforementioned Durbin continued to fixate on “who” rather than “how,” openly blaming groups aligned with the right while completely ignoring the open violence of BLM and Antifa.

“I think domestic terrorism, religious and racial-based hate groups have become a major threat in America … I want to know if our intelligence operations have taken this into consideration in establishing their priorities …

What did he know? When did he know it? And who did he tell? … Those are questions which have been raised in other hearings, but he is the man of the hour.” [Source: Fox News]

You know what, Durbin? A better question might be: What did you know in advance of Capitol Hill? What did Pelosi know? What did Schumer know? Heck, what did AOC know?

Crickets …

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