FCC Backs Musk Over “Frivolous” Snowflakes

The FCC has proven to be a surprising source of respite this week.

In fact, the FCC has proven to be a surprising source of hilarity this week, given how it put “frivolous” snowflakes in their place.

And yes, one of the commissioners actually used the term “frivolous.”

The unexpected respite and humor from the FCC originates from Democrats’ insane demands for the FCC to intervene in a perfectly legal business transaction and block Musk from buying Twitter.

Despite the fact Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Bezos bought Washington Post, and a host of other so-called “billionaires” significantly influence the media in general, Democrats apparently only take issue with Musk.

Guess that “free speech” stuff is real scary to them.

Might show how wholly hollow their “arguments” have always been.

For instance, Democratic Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey, who clearly hired someone with too much of a background in the humanities, proclaimed that “algorithmic justice” must be harnessed against Musk.

“Elon Musk and a handful of billionaires now have dangerous influence over the most powerful online platforms. They can’t be trusted, and self-regulation has failed. We must pass laws to protect privacy and promote algorithmic justice for internet users, especially for kids,” Markey brayed.

As for the “algorithmic justice” that suffocated the rather important Hunter Biden laptop story?

Crickets …

Democratic California Representative Adam Schiff, also known for being senselessly dramatic, proclaimed that Musk’s “personal views” are someone equivalent to “disinformation,” which, in virtually any other setting other than one led by Democrats, would be considered utterly absurd.

“[I’m] concerned his personal views will stop the fight against disinformation on social media. The problem on Twitter hasn’t been too much content moderation – it’s too much hate,” Schiff whined.

Ah, yes, because Schiff and his ilk showered nothing but love on Trump for years. These are the same Democrats all in favor of weaponizing the Department of “Justice” against conservative parents, and now, apparently, “disinformation.”

However, FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington is unimpressed by these arguments.

“Some have recently called on the FCC to stop Elon Musk from acquiring Twitter. But nothing in the United States Code or our regulations gives us the right to interfere with this transaction. Our competition review authority does not and has never extended to internet platforms like Twitter,” Simington remarked in disbelief.

Seriously. After all, no one was hollering when Facebook acquired Instagram, making it vastly more powerful.

“The only merit in such proposals is their candor in proposing something so blatantly illegal,” Simington continued, “The law in this country does not recognize a government interest in restricting the open exchange of ideas. Labeling content as ‘fake news’ or ‘disinformation’ does not change that. It would be not only unconstitutional, but plainly un-American, for any arm of the government to act against Twitter or Mr. Musk for such a purpose.”

Frightening that the FCC called out “blatantly illegal” attempts to block Musk. Seems Democrats have sided with criminals so frequently that they’ve effectively become them.

Also gotta love it when an FCC Commissioner openly calls out Democrat antics as “un-American,” which is what Trump has long said.

At the same time, what a slippery, scary slope …

Simington also added that even if the FCC were able to block the transaction, it would not do so as it would be “inappropriate and contrary to the public interest.”


The entire statement is available here, and it’s a nice reminder of people in power who do stand up to Democrat bullies.

Simington isn’t alone, as another commissioner, Brendan Carr, also blasted the “frivolous” nature of Democrats’ efforts.

“The FCC has no authority to block Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, and to suggest otherwise is absurd. I would welcome the full FCC making it clear that we will not entertain these types of frivolous arguments,” Carr declared.

Mehdi Hasan of MSNBC, a clear example of such a “frivolous” media figure, really underscored that fact when he ranted and raved about the “far right,” spreading quite a bit of disinformation of his own.

“America’s far left wants to give us free health care and free childcare. America’s far-right wants to give us white supremacy and no democracy. And this asymmetrical polarization of U.S. politics would be laughable if it weren’t so horrifying,” Hasan wailed.

Ah, right, because healthcare can just magically be “free” and childcare can magically be “free.”

Hasan’s total ineptitude in all matters serious “would be laughable if it weren’t so horrifying.”

Musk promptly called out Hasan, drawing a number of inconvenient realities to Hasan’s attention.

“NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis. Same org that covered up Hunter Biden laptop story, had Harvey Weinstein story early & killed it & built Matt Lauer his rape office. Lovely people,” Musk snorted.

Hasan promptly demanded that Musk make an appearance on MSNBC, a demand to which Musk hasn’t bothered to reply.

Good for him!

Especially considering NBC just got busted in an embarrassing plagiarism situation, which is frankly reminiscent of high school.

“A review by NBC News has found 11 articles written by a reporter over the last year that did not meet our standards for original material. The articles contained passages from other news organizations that were used without attribution,” NBC confessed.

To be fair, the author was just copying and pasting the exact same drivel that every other leftist rag is publishing, which means originality is effectively zero anyway.

Every leftist spews the same nonsense.

Though Obama may well be quite the architect in much of it …

Author: Jane Jones