Fed-Up Black Americans Storm DC To Slam Democrats

Candace Owens has proven to be a solid asset to Trump. A highly intelligent, Black American woman, Owens is an unapologetic conservative who understandably feels deep resentment towards the Democrat Party for just assuming the minority vote is all theirs.

Fortunately, Owens, like most conservative Americans, channels her frustration into more productive endeavors than assaulting innocent diners and burning minority-owned businesses, some of the preferred tactics of the BLM. Instead, she’s channeled her efforts into BLEXIT, a movement started in 2018 that encourages Black Americans and other minorities to consider exiting the Democrat Party and its ready-made chains for minorities.

If you haven’t heard of BLEXIT, it is not terribly surprising, as the fake news media hardly wants to shed light on a movement that runs directly counter to BLM. Whereas BLM is effectively a terrorist organization that would be DOA without division, BLEXIT is a unifying movement that binds all American citizens, regardless of background, together in support of freedom and opportunity for all.

Not to mention law and order for all.

This exact theme ran through the latest BLEXIT march, which drew more than 2,000 minorities to Washington, D.C.
Owens showcased a video of this demonstration on her social media accounts, knowing that the fake news media would not bother to report on it. The march concluded with the crowds singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” rather than firing guns, which Owens neatly encapsulates in her caption.

She captioned the video, “Black Lives Matter protests end with rioting, looting, and the destruction of minority communities. BLEXIT protests end with 2,000+ black and Latino Americans singing the national anthem.”

“This is a beautiful moment that the mainstream media won’t report on,” she concluded. “I’m so proud.” [Source: The Blaze]

On her social media accounts, Owens also provided further insight into why so many minorities are being driven towards the BLEXIT movement, particularly as the Democrats become increasingly extreme.

“Black and Latino Americans do not support the Marxist, anti-police rhetoric that has become fashionable in the media. Today, thousands of us have descended upon Washington D.C. to #BackTheBlue. Minorities do not belong to the Left.” [Source: The Blaze]

You tell them, Ms. Owens!

In contrast, BLM protests have resoundingly proven to be violent over and over again, which was hilariously proven to be the case by a leftist-leaning institution that conducted a three-month study on the “peaceful protests” engulfing the nation.

“Princeton University group studies 3 months of Black Lives Matter protests. [The] intent is to show they are ‘overwhelmingly peaceful,” reported Byron York. “But [the] report reveals nearly 570 violent demonstrations–riots–in nearly 220 locations spread all across country.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Not the result the researchers were looking for. But at least U.S. taxpayer money funded a reasonable university “research” project, for once.

This study only further reinforces the beliefs of Owens, along with many other minorities becoming weary of the (totally stale) Democrat “party line.”

Owens is part of a growing movement of Black Americans who have totally had it with the Democrat Party, especially given its rather clear objective: generational poverty, with just enough government “support,” clearly designed to vote Democrats into power over and over again.

For Black Americans who wish to get ahead, however, such as Candace Owens, Kimberly Klacik, Ben Carson, and many others, the Democrat Party is decidedly less promising and more imprisoning.
Ben Carson, one of Trump’s trusted Cabinet members, has openly lamented the state of Democrat-run cities, observing how America is “losing its cities,” while also offering hope for the future.

“But if you’re living in the city and you keep electing the same people and they keep doing the same thing and making promises which they continue to break, that would be time to do some analysis and say, Maybe I need to switch,’” he said. “We should look for results, who makes promises and keeps them? That should be the issue, not what color somebody is or what particular party they belong to.” [Source: Fox News]

Now, contrast Carson with the rest of the Democrat Party, and it becomes clear how BLEXIT is likely to grow in, rather than lose, momentum.

Throw in Biden’s unwisely timed remarks regarding minorities, ranging from comments such as “you ain’t black” to (falsely) claiming attendance at a historically Black college institution, BLEXIT may well prove to be another impetus to help Trump secure the White House in 2020.

Imagine how much support he would generate if the fake news media paid even 5 percent of the attention to BLEXIT that it does to BLM. However, even in the absence of such attention, the BLEXIT movement is continuing to gain steam, whether the fake news media likes it or not.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Ms. Owens, despite all the hate and ignorance that you routinely deal with from the left.

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