Feds Close In On Hunter Biden’s Tax Affairs

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, the federal tax investigation into Hunter Biden is gaining steam, especially as prosecutors continue to collect additional information regarding the sources of his foreign income, as well as the nature of his business relationships.

Per various sources familiar with the matter at hand, reports from the WSJ have observed that various prosecutors from the U.S. attorney’s Delaware offices have continued to pursue grand jury testimony and information regarding how the president’s son utilized the enormous amount of compensation, estimated to be $83,000 monthly, that he received from Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company based in Ukraine.

In the past month, various prosecutors questioned at least one associate of Hunter Biden at length, in particular about his notorious alcohol and drug abuse. Moreover, the prosecutors also questioned the associate on Hunter Biden’s general state of mind in 2018, as well as about his prolific spending habits.

Matt Mueller, a former federal tax prosecutor, noted that prosecutors will attempt to get these types of testimonies on the record, optimally before the defense team for Hunter Biden has the chance to twist the narrative in a more favorable picture for the trial.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean an indictment is imminent,” Mueller remarked to the WSJ, “but it is indicative of trying to lock in testimony with an eye towards a potential trial someday.”

In terms of the Hunter Biden investigation, Mueller has no involvement.

Over the past year, various prosecutors have called forth additional associates and other witnesses in order to testify before the grand jury.

Amongst varied concerns, prosecutors are especially focused on whether or not Hunter Biden violated various tax laws, given his enormous earnings. In addition, prosecutors are also deeply concerned with whether or not Biden used his influence to lobby foreign governments for various purposes.