Feinstein Puts One Foot In The Grave, But Guess Where The Other Is?

Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat Senator from California, recently shut down rumors about her potential early departure from the Senate.

When asked whether she intended to serve out the remainder of her term into 2025, Feinstein replied affirmatively: “Absolutely … I think that’s pretty obvious.”

Feinstein’s comments come after Gavin Newsom, the Democrat Governor of California, mentioned having “multiple names in mind” for replacing Feinstein if she were to leave her seat early. Newsom also promised that he would choose an African-American woman to succeed Feinstein.

However, Feinstein hit back at Newsom’s claims, noting that she had not discussed an early departure with anyone. Newsom was subsequently forced to walk back his commentary about Feinsten’s future plans, namely by saying he does not expect Feinstein to resign her seat earlier than 2025.

Feinstein, an 87-year-old legislator, began encountering questions about whether or not she would retire her seat early when she was subject to strong criticism from her party after conducting the hearing of then-Judge Amy Coney Barrett, which occurred during the confirmation process to the Supreme Court.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic Leader, became angered by Feinstein, and she ultimately stepped down from her high-ranking Democrat role on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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