Former NFL Player: Why BLM Doesn’t Speak for Me

By Dominick Mastrangelo, Social Media Producer July 8, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

Former NFL star Herschel Walker said that as a black person, he does not feel solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I was watching some kids, African American and Caucasian kids, playing the other day, and I started thinking about their future,” Walker said in a video posted on his Twitter account over the weekend. “And then, I listened to a BLM protester who was speaking for the black people, and I said, ‘Wait a minute. … He don’t speak for me. He don’t speak for a lot of other people that I know.'”

Walker is a Trump supporter and has criticized recent calls from social justice activists to “defund the police.”

“Why is these companies giving money to these groups — for what?” Walker said of businesses in America that have donated to Black Lives Matter. “Where’s my freedom? Where’s my freedom that I don’t want to tear down statues. … I want to do it the right way.”

Some black pundits and celebrities like Walker have said that Black Lives Matter is turning a blind eye to issues other than police brutality that the black community faces, such as poverty and crime.

“Black people need to hold other black people accountable,” actor Terry Crews said on CNN Monday night. “If anything is going to change, we ourselves, we need to look at our own communities and look at each other and say this thing cannot go down.”

After the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, some of which led to rioting and looting, Walker said that Democrats are responsible for the plight of black people in the United States.

“My mom always said when things get dark, if you’re still out, you gonna be trouble,” Walker said last month. “If they’re not in their house at 8 o’clock, they should be arrested unless you got a very, very good excuse for being out.”

Ending his video on a separate topic, Walker called on Congress to prosecute government officials who leak classified information to the press.

“If you’re a leaker and you decide to leak information that’s not true, isn’t it like shouting fire in a crowded building?” Walker asked. “You need to be punished.”

Author: Dominick Mastrangelo, Social Media Producer

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Where’s my freedom?’: Herschel Walker says Black Lives Matter does not ‘speak for me’

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