Freedom Convoy Sparks Contagion Effect

Ottawa may have just declared a state of emergency over the ongoing Freedom Convoy, but it is quite clear that the federal government in Canada is not being heard nearly as loudly as the truckers themselves, whose influence is rapidly spreading south of the Canadian border and beyond.

The Freedom Convoy is unsurprisingly facing significant legal challenges in court, especially with the newly implemented “state of emergency.”

However, Jay Cameron, a litigation director, remarks, “there is no mystery as to why protests are spreading: Humanity is objecting en masse to the abuse of bureaucratic tyrants who for two years have suspended the checks and balances which are intended to protect the citizenry.”

Cameron serves as the litigation director at the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, which is presently defending the Freedom Convoy, and he underscores the extent to which the erosion of civil liberties have led individuals to take a major stand for the freedoms, while they still can.

“People have lost their jobs and their civil liberties,” Cameron noted, adding that these liberties include “their freedom of religion, speech and freedoms of movement.”

“Their democratic representatives have been largely or entirely sidelined with respect to these arbitrary and often nonsensical decisions,” Cameron continued, “and now the people are making their voices heard in peaceful but firm protest against their abusers. They are saying: ‘enough.’”

Truckers in Canada are hardly the only ones saying “enough,” especially when factoring in commentary from Brian Brase, who is serving as the co-organizer of the U.S. protest set to begin shortly with trucks.

“Canada has inspired the entire world to stand up,” Brase declared, adding, “we’re so proud of our Canadian brothers and sisters in the trucking industry.”

Brase foresees the Freedom Convoy in Canada serving as the tipping point for other nations across the free world, particularly as governments have become more totalitarian with mandates.

“I think you’re starting to see what will become a big global movement to end these mandates,” Brase proclaimed, “it’s a violation of your human rights to be mandated to take this vaccine. If you want it, go get it, but being mandated to get it, we’re standing up against that. We think it’s wrong.”

Clearly, many individuals are in agreement with Brase, from within and outside the United States.

“We’re having trucker companies from all over the country calling us, drivers,” Brase remarked, “across the world, I’ve had people reach out: Finland, and Switzerland, and Norway, and Germany, and the UK, Australia … The truck drivers are uniting worldwide.”

Are they ever.

Curiously, Norway and Finland are well-known for being socialist states, and even apparently truckers there have had enough with authoritarian governments.

On top of that, the new freedom movements have already accrued massive support elsewhere, after GoFundMe made the terrible decision to freeze $10M in funds that had been dedicated to the Freedom Convoy.

Clearly, the Socialist Party of Canada was pissed that the Freedom Convoy raised more than 5x the amount they did, if not an even higher ratio.

Which is why it was no surprise that GoFundMe kowtowed to the feeble demands of the Canadian government, if not the Biden administration itself, which is likely nervous about truckers storming the swamp.

And, they just may be able to, courtesy of another funding platfrom that’s already amassed millions in days.

“We’ve decided to team up with an organization called GiveSendGo, which is going to enable us to get donations into the hands of truckers much, much quicker,” Tamara Lich, who serves as a Freedom Convoy 2022 organizer, remarked.

Thus far, “GiveSendGo” has raised over $4.4M of the $16M goal for the Freedom Convoy in Canada, and one can only imagine how large it will become in the United States.

“[From] the sheer volume of response,” Brase mused, “I’m going to say we’ll be just as big as Canada if not larger.”

Author: Ofelia Thornton