Gas Prices Soar To Incredible New Heights

Currently, the average price per gallon of gasoline across the United States is higher than it has been in the past seven years. Per data released from AAA, the average gasoline price per gallon is now $3.22, which has not been seen since 2014.

Moreover, the cost of gasoline is enormously high in certain states, including California, which has an average price of $4.42 per gallon. In various metropolitan areas across the state, gas costs well more than $5 per gallon.

However, just one year ago, the average price was only $2.18. Thus, the current spike is attributed to the massive inflation caused by Biden’s economic policies, and it also disrupts the claim that these increased prices are merely “transitory” or temporary.

With more than eight months into the Biden presidency, the economy has not been built “back better.” From rent to the grocery store to construction costs, prices have elevated and increased economic pressure, resulting in widespread shortages in some scenarios.

Aside from promoting inflation, the Biden administration has also taken various actions that have killed American production, in particular production related to petroleum. For instance, the Keystone XL pipeline project, which would have provided thousands of jobs, was terminated within Biden’s first 24 hours in office.

Biden then proceeded to beg OPEC for more supply for cheaper gasoline prices, though OPEC rebuffed Biden’s requests. Russia, for instance, along with the rest of OPEN believes that markets currently “do not need more oil … despite U.S. pressure to add supplies and [prevent] an oil price rise.”

Oil prices have risen even further since OPEC’s rejection, and Biden has continuously failed to address major supply chain issues, especially since he disregards the idea of American energy independence.