Gingrich Gets Real About Biden’s Infrastructure Plans

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, has assailed Biden’s infrastructure plan as the effective blueprint “for economic disaster.”

Gingrich also noted that Biden’s plan would kill additional jobs, as well as make infrastructure projects much more expensive.

As part of his infrastructure plan, Biden aims to raise taxes in a variety of areas, including an increase in all domestic corporate taxes.

Gingrich highlighted Biden’s “job killing plan” which would weaken business competition across the industry, raise taxes across various businesses, and generally make it more difficult for Americans to compete in the global market.

In essence, Biden’s infrastructure plan is just another gift “from the Biden family to … the Chinese Communist Party,” Gingrich wryly remarked.

Gingrich also noted that the increases in taxes would result in more layoffs than new jobs, adding that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by President Trump created a vast array of new jobs, which promptly led to record low levels of unemployment.

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