GoFundMe Takes Aim At Freedom Convoy

As reported by Fox News, the fundraising platform GoFundMe has paused the page supporting the 2022 Freedom Convoy launched by Canadian truckers. The freeze on the Freedom Convoy page occurred after donations surpassed $10M.

The fundraiser serves to subsidize fuel costs, as well as to contribute to the lodging and dietary needs of the protestors. Over the past week, numerous truckers and demonstrators have been protesting authoritarianism in the Canadian capital.

If anyone attempts to donate to the Freedom Convoy fundraiser at this point in time, they will be unable to, as a note on top of the crowdfunding page currently states that the fundraiser is now “Under Review.”

According to GoFundMe, the fundraiser is apparently under review to ensure that it is in compliance with the terms of service, as well as “applicable laws and regulations.”

“Our team is working 24/7 and doing all we can to protect both organizers and donors,” the platform earnestly remarked, “thank you for your patience.”

A GoFundMe spokesman informed Fox News earlier in the week that the platform is merely verifying that the funds are being sent to the intended parties.

According to the spokesman, events throughout Ottawa “have generated widespread discussion about the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser on GoFundMe.”

Consequently, the platform aims “to provide clarity around the actions” undertaken by the company’s Customer Care and Trust & Safety teams, “just as they have with the Freedom Convoy fundraiser.”

GoFundMe also noted that the organization will continuously monitor the high-profile fundraiser in order to ensure that funds will be received by “the intended recipients.” Additionally, the platform also stressed the importance of the Freedom Convoy fundraiser “[remaining] within our Terms of Service.”

GoFundMe monitoring practices include “collaborating with local law enforcement,” as well as “maintaining close communication with the organizer.”

The platform warned that such a process is “slow” and arduous, which is why the withdrawal process “may slow down.”

In addition, if it is determined that a fundraiser is in violation of the Terms of Service, or it somehow is not advantageous to the intended beneficiaries, then the company “will remove it from the platform.”

The Freedom Convoy fundraiser has currently amassed far more support than “the amount raised by Canada’s major political parties last quarter,” as reported by Fox News.