GOP Allstar Goes Head-To-Head With Democrats’ Ludicrous Policies

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (AR) has requested for Lockheed Martin to explain its highly controversial seminars that directly targeted white males. Senator Cotton made his request in a formal letter to Lockheed Martin, wherein he inquired why the corporation had openly disparaged and shamed heterosexual white males amongst all its employees.

In recent weeks, the company had a three-day diversity and inclusion training that was designed for white male executives exclusively. Collectively, these executives were referred to as “White Men’s Caucus.” In reference to the training materials, Cotton observed that white males were frequently associated with words such as “racist,” “guilty,” “angry,” “old,” “Aryan Nation,” and “KKK.”

Consequently, various critics charge that Lockheed Martin has normalized anti-white prejudice and racism, which is both legally unacceptable and ethically wrong. In the meantime, Senator Cotton has called for Lockheed Martin to give explanations for its training to the Senate no later than June 11.