GOP Candidate Wins Critical Race — Things Are Looking Up

The election in Virginia carried several important victories for Republicans, including the successful election of Republican Winsome Sears to serve as the state’s next lieutenant governor.

Winsome makes history as the first Black woman to hold the position, and she is also the highest-ranking minority to be elected to office in the State of Virginia.

An immigrant from Jamaica, Sears is a veteran and a trailblazer, as well as the embodiment of the American spirit. Sears moved to the United States with her father when he had only $1.75 to his name, and she grew up in the Bronx, New York. Sears also served in the Marines, where she worked as an electrician.

Sears also has a history in politics, namely her defeat of a Democrat incumbent for a state House seat in 2001; she subsequently served one term after this victory.

In addition, Sears also challenged Virginia Representative Bobby Scott for his seat in 2004, though that particular election was unsuccessful.

However, Sears made history on Tuesday, given that a woman of color becoming elected lieutenant governor would have been unprecedented, regardless of the candidate that one.

Sears was up against Hala Ayala, a state representative with a mixed ethnic background: Ayala’s mother is Lebanese and Irish, whereas her father is Salvadoran and North African.

Ayala’s campaign platform centered largely on increasing diversity across the state of Virginia. Ayala grew up in Northern Virginia, and she received an online Associate’s Degree while working for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Sears, however, argues that Democrats immigrant-centric platform is misleading, especially since they tend to sow immense division across virtually all election cycles.

“[Sowing division] is what the Democrats do over and over again,” Sears proclaimed to Fox News.

“They come into the black community and they try to gin up our anger over some supposed threat or some supposed slight,” Sears continued, adding that the black community is then expected “to run out and vote for them because they’re coming to save us.”

“We want them to go find another victim,” Sears proclaimed, wryly noting that the Democrats were “like the cicada.”