GOP Governor Plays Defense For Conservative Corporation

Brian Kemp, the GOP Governor of Georgia, has issued a response to growing calls for boycotting Home Depot, an Atlanta-based company dedicated to home improvement. The boycott pertains to Georgia’s recently passed legislation regarding voting reform, as various progressive activists have demanded various boycotts across Georgia, regardless of the negative economic consequences for the state. Moreover, these boycotts have originated from inaccurate portrayals of the new legislation.

Across Georgia, various faith leaders complained about Home Depot’s decision to take a neutral position in the ongoing political controversy surrounding the bill. At the same time, other corporations have continued to spread inaccurate depictions of the new voting reform legislation. Home Depot, on the other hand, merely stressed its commitment to secure, fair, and accessible elections. Nonetheless, the response of Home Depot was insufficient for the legislation’s opponents.

Kemp, however, has reiterated that he will not succumb to leftist corporations’ pressure. Instead, he has doubled down and insisted upon the importance of the facts, rather than the falsities, characterizing Georgia’s elections.

The most significant boycott of the new voter integrity legislation came from the MLB, and this boycott is estimated to cost Georgia at least $100M in revenue. Moreover, boycotting Home Depot would also risk several thousand jobs.