GOP Governor Roadblocks Democrats’ Outrageous Agenda

Brian Kemp (R-GA), the Governor of Georgia, has joined together with other Republican governors to publicly oppose vaccine passports. These passports, which are yet another Biden administration invention, presumably serve as a means of demonstrating proof of vaccination. Various Democrat governors have strongly implied that these types of passports may constitute the proof needed to engage in various public events and and use various resources funded by taxpayer dollars.

The governor added that he will not support any form of state-mandated COVID vaccine passports as a requirement for his constituents to be able to resume normal living, and he also stressed that receipt of the COVID vaccine should be an individual decision, not a governmental decision.

Kemp acknowledges that “the development of multiple safe, highly effective COVID-19 vaccines has been a scientific miracle”; however, the decision regarding whether or not to take the vaccine is highly personal and should be left up to the individual. Nonetheless, Kemp also encouraged Georgians to register for receiving the COVID vaccine if they prefer to do so.

Kemp said that he does not and will not support a state-mandated vaccine passport in order for his constituents to return to normal life, and emphasized that receiving the COVID vaccine should be a decision left to the individual.

A number of Republican governors have spoken out about the COVID vaccine passport, including Pete Ricketts (NE), Kim Reynolds (IA), Greg Abbott (TX), Henry McMaster (SC), and Ron DeSantis (FL). These governors have gradually opened their states economies and relieved individuals from various lockdown restrictions.

In contrast, numerous states run by Democrat governors continue issuing stay at home orders and effectively shuttering the economy. Additionally, other Democrat governors, including Gavin Newsom (CA) and Phil Murphy (NJ), have also suggested that citizens may be required to show proof of COVID vaccination in order to resume normal living.

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