GOP Governor Scores Major Triumph Over Biden — Could This End His Regime?

Note to the Biden administration: Don’t taunt state governments that are smarter than the federal government.

Apparently, the Biden administration has made a strong effort to distract from its own ineptitude by fixating on Republican governors who run their states vastly better than the Biden administration currently runs the nation, including matters regarding COVID.

For instance, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have both openly touted the value of antibody treatments in reducing the worst effects of COVID, offering a range of treatments in state centers designed to help make their states safer, based on science (rather than based on Democrat dictums).

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks highly about these treatments, noting that while they are not a substitute for the vaccine, they have significantly contributed to the reduction of hospital admissions.

Rubio also notes the Biden administration’s rather predictable, albeit absurd, attacks on the supply of antibody treatments headed towards Florida and Texas, which appear to “reek” of partisanship.

“Antibody treatments aren’t a substitute for vaccines. But they have prevented thousands of hospitalizations including in breakthrough cases … Now in a move that reeks of partisan payback against states like Florida, the Biden administration is rationing these treatments.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

DeSantis himself also weighed in on the highly partisan attack on antibody supplies, noting his grave concern with the direction the Biden administration has taken with regards to cutting off access to healthcare services in the state, or at least its efforts to do so.

“We are very, very concerned with the Biden administration and the HHS’s recent, abrupt, sudden announcement that they are going to dramatically cut the number of monoclonal antibodies that are going to be sent to the state of Florida …

There’s going to be a huge disruption and patients are going to suffer as a result of this. And so we’re going to work like hell to make sure we can overcome the obstacles that HHS and the Biden administration are putting on us.” [Source: Breitbart]

Of course, the Biden administration claims that it is rationing antibody treatments, in the name of equity and all.

Curiously, such rationing seemed to come about after Abbott and DeSantis have levied highly valid accusations against the Biden admin. After all, Abbott has to deal with a disastrous border catastrophe while DeSantis has to deal with Biden’s constant interference, including threats to undermine DeSantis’s anti-mask mandate policies.

Nonetheless, Biden created more headaches for the governors by reducing the amount of antibody supply they could receive from the federal government, in spite of the fact that such treatments are vital for protecting American lives, as DeSantis observed.

“We should be doing everything we can to get them the treatment, not cut the treatment. So the fact that the Biden administration is doing this, I just think it’s wrong. The implications I think are going to be negative, we may have less access, we may have to close sites, the hospitals may not have all that they need. So this is fundamentally wrong.” [Source: Breitbart]

Of course it is fundamentally wrong, but in the Democrats’ world, apparently only Democrat lives matter (the further to the left, the better).

Too bad for the Democrats that beleaguered state governors had other courses of action to take with regards to protecting their citizens.

Abbott recently followed the lead of DeSantis and similarly triumphed over the Biden administration, as revealed exclusively by radio host Dana Loesch.

“EXCLUSIVE: [Gov. Greg Abbott] says Texas is bypassing Biden admin’s restriction on monoclonal antibody treatments by procuring them direct from the provider.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

In other words, both Abbott and DeSantis have now “fought like hell” against the arbitrary measures taken by the HHS, which focused on harming conservative states by reducing the amount of antibody treatments they received.

However, since Abbott and DeSantis don’t exactly sit around waiting for handouts, they went ahead and acquired the necessary supply for their respective states’ citizens, effectively undermining the Biden administration’s attempts to hurt them.

One can only imagine what ingenious scheme the same governors may come up with regarding the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates …

Author: Ofelia Thornton