GOP Governor Won’t Let Biden Forget About This Ongoing Crisis

Looks like the suggestions of Ron DeSantis, the GOP Florida Governor, aren’t so crazy after all, fictional news media.

After all, the same fictional news media that blasted DeSantis for opening up monoclonal antibody COVID treatment centers may as well turn its ire on their beloved Dr. Fauci … considering Fauci himself now advocates DeSantis’s recommendation.

Fauci, clearly acting as though he were the first individual to recommend receiving monoclonal antibody COVID treatments, literally spelled out to viewers virtually the exact same message that DeSantis himself spelled out quite some time ago.

“It is important to emphasize that this must be done early in infection and not wait, of course, until a person is sick enough to be hospitalized … That’s when you get the best effect. And again, being an underutilized intervention, we want people out there, including physicians as well as potential patients, to realize the advantage of this very effective way of treating early infection.” [Source: The Blaze]

You know what else is important, Fauci? Not publicly battling individuals, from Senator Rand to Governor DeSantis, who clearly know far more about battling public health crises effectively than Fauci.

Given that Fauci has been in his position since 1984, one would think that Paul and DeSantis would rely upon him, but as it turns out, Fauci has repeatedly fallen behind both in terms of his COVID “recommendations.”

Needless to say, Fauci didn’t bother to credit DeSantis at all, though his rather obvious kowtowing to DeSantis’s advice was picked up by several critics, including Allie Beth Stuckey, the “Relatable” podcast host.

“Wait isn’t this the thing Ron DeSantis promoted that the @AP tried to discredit?” [Source: Fox News]

Yes, Fauci is advocating exactly what DeSantis promoted, and yes, AP News did attempt to discredit DeSantis. The key word being “attempt,” as most attacks on conservatives are highly partisan in nature, not to mention utterly devoid of the “facts” that Democrats act so obsessed with.

In fact, the attitude of AP News was so egregiously partisan towards DeSantis’s monoclonal COVID centers, to the extent that its attitude threatens public health, DeSantis reached out to AP directly, especially since the news network had the gall to suggest that DeSantis had a vested financial interest in his recommendation.

“I assumed your letter was to notify me that you were issuing a retraction of the partisan smear piece you published last week …

Instead, you had the temerity to complain about the deserved blowback that your botched and discredited attempt to concoct a political narrative has received. The ploy will not work to divert attention from the fact that the Associated Press published a false narrative that will lead some to decline effective treatment for COVID infections.” [Source: Fox News]

Sounds like fictional news media is very much like fictional news media followers – Dwell in the lands of unreality then blame someone else when reality comes back to bite the delusional sooner, rather than later.

For his part, Fauci has trilled on about the effectiveness of solutions that DeSantis not only advocated, but also instituted across the state of Florida.

“Bottom line is this is a very effective intervention for COVID-19. It is underutilized, and we recommend strongly that we utilize this to its fullest.” [Source: The Blaze]

The “bottom line” is that both Fauci and fictional news media need to quit brazenly politicizing the virus, which is leading to serious health crises erupting across the nation, not to mention the world.

After all, how can the public trust “public health authorities” that are clearly beholden to the Democrats? How can the public trust “trusted news sources” that will discredit DeSantis yet laud Fauci, despite both individuals making the same recommendation?

Moreover, given the apparent indifference Biden feels about leaving thousands of Americans potentially stranded in Afghanistan, how can the public trust anything at all from the government, considering the extent to which it has disregarded the most basic elements of national security?

In any event, one can only hope that DeSantis, or very similar to DeSantis will take Biden (or Kamala) head on in 2024, as this nation desperately needs true leadership …

Author: Ofelia Thornton