GOP Legislature Zeroes In On Election Reform

Several goals guide this commission’s commitment to the restoration of public trust in election fairness. For starters, one major goal is to empower individual states to embark on customizing their own reforms, rather than adapting a “one size fits all” command from D.C. lawmakers. In addition, the commission also wishes to strengthen various restrictions regarding voter rolls, enhance security with mail-in ballots, promote transparency with in-person voting, and ultimately modernize the canvassing process, primarily to avoid waiting multiple weeks for election results.

John Merrill, Alabama Secretary of State, and Ruth Johnson, a Michigan Senator, serve as co-chairs of this committee, and both representatives desire to restore Americans’ confidence in the electoral system’s integrity.

According to Merrill, increased voter participation mandates “thoughtful repairs to restore the public’s confidence in our elections,” which is why these reforms are necessary. Merrill also added that a “one size fits all” solution is not applicable to election reforms; instead, each state should “assess and improve” their own laws regarding elections.

Merrill adde that he was looking forward to the opportunity to work alongside his colleagues  and serve as “a resource for leaders across the country” who are also taking the necessary steps to improve the process.

The commission hopes for each state to pursue individual reforms regarding the election process, which will enable easier voting access and enact stronger barriers against fraud.

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