GOP Senators Strike Back At MLB

GOP Senators have recently introduced a legislation proposal designed to remove the special immunity that the MLB enjoys with regards to antitrust laws.

These senators include Mike Lee of Utah, Josh Hawley of Missouri, and Ted Cruz of Texas. The GOP Senators’ joint proposal has arisen in response to the MLB’s abrupt decision to move the All-Star Game out of Georgia and into another state, all to protest recent changes that occurred in Georgia’s new voting legislation regarding election integrity. 

During his announcement of the proposed bill, Cruz insisted that the MLB must cease its practice of “dishonest politics” in terms of voters’ legal rights.

Consequently, Cruz also detailed legislation that would end the MLB’s special immunity that it enjoys as a result of antitrust laws.

Observing that the MLB “understands the value of identification,” particularly since the organization has routinely required individuals to show a drivers license in order to pick up tickets, Cruz noted that the MLB ultimately chose “to play politics” when it comes to voter identification and elections held in Georgia.

The original antitrust exemption for the MLB started in 1922, and it presently remains the only exemption enjoyed by any sports league.