Gordon Chang Chastises Biden’s Pacific Blunder

According to Gordon Chang, a China expert, President Joe Biden’s continued willingness to look away from China openly supplying Russia throughout the invasion of Ukraine is not only remarkably destabilizing for the South China Sea, but also for the entire world.

During an appearance on “The Cats Roundtable,” Chang told the hosts that the White House is amply aware of the fact that China is providing “military assistance,” “financial assistance,” and “material assistance,” to the ongoing Russian War in Ukraine.

“Yet, the Biden administration refused to put sanctions on China,” Chang observed, leaving open the obvious question as to why not.

Since the Biden administration appears reluctant to demonstrate punitive measures towards China in any way, Beijing now believes “it has a free pass to do whatever it wants in its region.”

“Therefore, we are seeing its increased presence on the Philippines,” Chang warned, noting that the most recent troubling moves have occurred across the Solomon Islands.

“This is the failure of [the American government], once again, to require China to adhere to reasonable standards of conduct,” Chang chastised the Biden administration, noting that when standards of conduct remain perpetually unenforced, “China goes out and destabilizes the region.”

According to Chang, China is actively working towards severing the United States’ access to Australia and New Zealand via a new “draft security agreement” with the Solomon Islands.

If the new security agreement is passed, then the lines of supply between the United States and its ally Australia, as well as between the United States and its ally New Zealand, would be terminated.

Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands, has apparently attracted China’s interest, with the Asian superpower seeking to establish a Chinese military base in the capital.

If China succeeds in doing so, that will be extremely problematic for the United States military, as Chang warns.

“[The Solomon Islands are] sacred territory for the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy,” Chang concluded, “this is also true throughout the Pacific, where China is making fast inroads into these nations and destabilizing them.”