Governor Calls Out Biden’s Extreme Partisanship

Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, has accused President Biden of failing to unify the nation, a key message of Biden’s inaugural message.

The Republican governor notes that Biden has enabled negotiations over COVID relief to become ensnared in partisan bickering, which contradicted a speech on Inauguration Day that saw President Biden vow that his “whole soul” gravitated towards “bringing America together.” Hogan also did not spare his wrath when it came to Republican leadership, skewering Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, for the abandonment of his commitment to finding “common ground” with the Democrat representatives.

Hogan, a potential presidential candidate for 2024, questioned, “are these just empty words? We’re about to find out.” In the same commentary, which appears in a video released by the Advocacy Group, No Labels, Hogan also argues that D.C. must pass a COVID economic relief bill “to save lives and livelihoods,” which requires “both parties at the table offering their best ideas.”

Hogan also added, “that’s the only way to stop the vicious cycle of divisiveness and dysfunction.”

Biden has hosted various Republican Senators to discuss differing counteroffers to the proposed $1.9T COVID relief package, and he has left the door open for compromising. However, Biden has also dismissed the GOP alternatives presented thus far as inadequate. Furthermore, Biden also supports the budget resolution promoted by Senate Democrats, which would enable the Senate to pass COVID relief with zero GOP votes.

The White House has insisted that Biden’s $1.9T COVID plan will ultimately be a bipartisan effort if it passes as it is now, given that it enjoys support from numerous voters across the political spectrum. This support contrasts with the lack of backing the bill is experiencing with lawmakers from both parties. However, Hogan argues that Biden must take further measures if he is truly serious about lowering ongoing partisan tensions.

Hogan argues that this particular political moment “demands humility and bipartisan cooperation,” rather than more “take it or leave it” options, which are little more than “partisan obstruction.” On this note, Hogan ends his statement. 

The video opened with video clips from Biden’s January 20 speech once he was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, as well as clips from a speech McConnell recently delivered on the Senate floor.

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